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No Trusting Bloggers?

Posted by Girish Krishnan on July 14, 2008

Came across a slightly old post on “Who people trust” in the online world

It’s not so surprising that bloggers come in the fag end of the list, and i believe the explanation for that is in statistics. Marketers should definitely read this post and act on it by practicing caution while spending marketing dollars on microsites or doing stealth messages on social networking sites and blogs!

But the key for a blogger is to build credibility. Numbers are sometimes mistaken when they are generalized. You cant possibly depend on a blogger to get advice on all your questions, but a close friend could tailor his insights to suit the context. Newspapers cater to a wide variety of topics and the edited content could give you a feeling of assurance across a wide variety of domains, but blogging probably suits better in niche areas. The study is probably flawed because it portrays the blogger as an unknown head, and doesn’t identify the relationship between a regular blogger and a regular reader.

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