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The Key to being a successful B-schooler!

Posted by Girish Krishnan on August 6, 2006

Had a good time today – went back to my B-school, issued a couple of new books from the library, had a good game of basket ball, nice chit chat with some friends and dinner with an old pal of mine (whom I envy a lot for being able to stick around at the school for a longer period than I could manage :-)). Once again, saw the usual B-school market segmentation consisting of the sloggers, chilled out folks, enlightened ones etc.

 We might find a strong correlation here (though not a causation) with this segmented behavior of B-schoolers and the amount of introspection/thought they have put into their own careers, The key to succeeding (whatever that means in a relative sense) in B-school is “focus”. It might sound harsh but in simple terms if you don’t have “focus”, you are out of the creamy layer! My advice to all MBA aspirants/students is to take time, decide on what they want to do in life and have clarity of how to achieve it – That part is the toughest, and once it falls in place, the going gets much easier!

 For me the best thing about being in Hyderabad is the presence of my alma mater. It feels awesome to return to this vibrant temple of knowledge and get nostalgic walking along the familiar corridors. More importantly, I get to use the resources of the world class library which I had ignored when I was actually studying here. Not that I undermined the resources available, but it’s slowly dawning to me that an ISBian ought to have this one higher in priority among the zillion things he/she does during the intense program at ISB.

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This email message reached me too…

Posted by Girish Krishnan on June 19, 2006

and i consider that a privilege!

The day i draft such an email, i would feel accomplished,The day i write like steinbeck, i would feel divinity!

I am reproducing the contents of the parting email sent by Dr Krishnakumar who taught us economics at ISB.

dear students:i’ve really enjoyed teaching the second half of global economics, and meeting you all inside and outside the classroom. thanks so much for your enthusiasm and for your kindness — today, the last day of classes, and on other days. i am deeply touched.
Economics, like real life, has its share of ambiguities, fuzziness, and dead-ends. but as john steinbeck wrote in his beautiful novel, “sweet thursday,” “…the clarifying leap springs from the rich soil of confusion, and the leaper is not unfamiliar with pain.” what i or anyone else can hope do in a short time is only rake this soil. the leap is yours to make. be bold. be irreverent. shift those graphs. good luck.


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Pre-Graduation Trauma

Posted by Girish Krishnan on April 10, 2006

This is one honest confession that me, the author of this blog is making now. I was under depression for a couple of days before graduation! My “extra-long duration” sleep cells were over come by nostalgia and the living creature in me desisted from sleeping as much as possible. My parents were supposed to be here on 6th evening and even that thought didnt help. After sometime many of my friends (who had yet not slipped into this particular mode) started noticing the extra “brood” length of my already long face and started that horrible sympathy wave, which though essential is unwelcome to one’s manliness.

Getting over this pre graduation trauma was tough, especially because the bondings that you have in a B school are a bit more special than the ones you create at your school or undergrad time. Here are people with similar business focus, having fundamental knowledge about various things, more mature and returning to college after few years of work. The result is that most likely you will find definite wavelength matching with many of them, and of course, the makes life tougher for you towards the end irrespective of your previous seperation experiences.

How do you get over it? I dont know if i can generalize this, but i have kind of got over it now and the way to do this is to keep hanging out with ur friends. For the last one month i have been going out for dinner with my pals almost every day and daily hope that the fun keeps going on. Playing helps a lot, the volley ball marathons in ISB start at 10 in the night and continue till 2 or 3am, beyond which also sleeping is tough! Sprains and muscle pains are forgotten during those intensive Baskey matches in the midnight – gosh, I love my team so much, and this is one thing i am going to miss for the rest of my life.

Once the clock hits 2, its time for some movie or comedy or similar crap -you stare at those till you fall asleep. The day dawns early for you, and you run to the breakfast hall to be able to get someone to chat with you. The saga continues throughout the day and you end up being in the main building area most of the time, catching up with your friends and trying to savour as much of the remaining moments in this school as possible! Guess the advice is pretty ineffective as you can already see the depression taking over me at the end of each activity! – the only way to get through it is to go through it – sometimes sadness is cured by being sad…..

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The weird term 8

Posted by Girish Krishnan on March 16, 2006

It is a weird feeling that is going through me this term. First is of course, the laziness to go to work again – my pop is not a millionaire and he doesnt have tea estates or industries which i can look after – which means i need to work to earn a living. The life at ISB is an awesome rollercoaster ride and it is so luxurious for a middle class person that u get a shock whenever u get out of campus. Speaking of going out, my quaddie “The C dog” took us for a party today to a place called Seventh Heaven in the city. Its a pretty cool place to dine, the ambience is pretty good. We stuffed ourselves with weird curries (as usual trying out aboriginal names in the menu card when someone else is paying !!).

Ok, again i am deviating from the main topic, which was weirdness..hmmm – i am trying to visualize something of me that is 45 years old and i am not able to draw that picture. Not sure if that is because things are changing very fast nowadays and so are careers..No one can be sure what will happen in the future. But the fact i am unable to extrapolate the current situation to the future and come out with a rough measure of “mera kya hoga kaliya”, troubles me big time!

The weirdness is also because of the ISB public – No one seems to be knowing the perfect way to spend the last term. There is so much of emotional confusion that we havent charted out this terms’ modus operandi. In a one year course, the bondage between people becomes really strong because u r together in an environment of pressure. Another reason is that u find people of the right wavelength, and the connections are better than in an undergrad situation where we are less mature. Well, whatever may be the underlying reasons, the weirdness remains. It will last for another 20 days, and beyond that i can only hope that i am able to stay in touch with all these special people who are called ISB-ians!!

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Moving to the battleground

Posted by Girish Krishnan on March 1, 2006

Time is running out, the training camp is coming to an end..Soon we shall be left free in the battleground. The fitter would survive, the rest wont. It is indeed a restless feeling when u know that you would have to fight it out at ur job, but currently have to play the patience game till u get out of college. Please dont think that i am too eager to work myself. Its been an exciting vacation at ISB and it is extremely tough to get back to work again. We have all been pampered to the maximum and the first few months of work is going to be rehabilitation time 🙂

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Special People

Posted by Girish Krishnan on February 24, 2006

A small milestone along the long winding road; being agnostic about achievements is probably my greatest differentiator. I felt nothing great when i got my first job – my neurons just repeated the feelings this time around. God knows how many people will stick to the first job, last year’s attrition rate was pretty high.

Pardon me if i sound a bit too philosophical, but that is how i am. I got to see many intelligent beings going through the hills and valleys of pulsating human psyche. But there were a few unruffled souls in whom i saw the spark of brilliance shielded by a sea of calm. I know i could have got tense had my placement got delayed, but not these guys…They are extremely confident about themselves and dont mind waiting for the right job. Being able to counter the high placement stress, peer pressure etc with patience and self confidence is no mean deal and i am sure that these champs will do great things in life. I wish them all the very best!!

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Frailty of an Ignorant Mind

Posted by Girish Krishnan on February 9, 2006

Here we are, Eight more days before the drama begins and i know where i will land up. My close friend who is an esteemed astrologer has predicted that i will go back to IT!!! These are testing times when a job can take your career on a totally different path as compared to what you were thinking of doing earlier. But these are often misleading thoughts….

I believe in Paul Coelho’s Alchemist – “When a person really desires something, all the universe conspires to help that person to realize his dream”. Its all about trusting your intuition and going ahead in life, and of course do watch out for signs that you get from around you.

For the karma guys, who are skeptical about too much of earthly bondage following this principle of desire, there is a duty aspect to it too – “To realise one’s destiny is a person’s only obligation.”

Fundamental to a successful manager is the desire to succeed – the fire in the belly, the kick of winning under extreme competition!! Much more basic to desire is motivation – We need to spend 5 minutes each day thinking about the ends we want to attain in life and the path to it. If you are not able to find that out, then you need to watch an inspirational movie or read something to that effect urgently. Its just that killer instinct that matters now – the preparation will follow suit!!

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The return of the native

Posted by Girish Krishnan on February 5, 2006

Its a long break from blogging and i have become a visitor in my own house. There is critical business to run elsewhere and the analogy is the classic real life story for many of us. An ideal person would not forget his duties, but thats were mortality comes in…You blame it on the frame of mind , and decide to take a break. I now return as a responsible citizen to check out my deserted house, with a promise that i shall get the place intact soon..

The happenings of the real world follow this blog: usually the blog trails the world, but i have seen parallelisms too. I actually visited my house in Kerala two weeks back, and spend a couple of days with my “amma” and “daddy”..weird it is, but i used two different languages to get their attention. A closer friend would immediately spot the big cultural misfit called “me”, who is mid way between two different cultures with a few English garnishes!! Anyways, the greenery of my native place was an awesome experience going from a more industrial but dry city.

I had also the privilege of being in the town where i spent four years of my life, trying to learn things without the typical homely shelter – I am just saying that i visited my college! The cryptic in me will take over this blog if i don’t go to sleep…so for your welfare and mine, i sign off – goosh night!

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Six ends and Six begins

Posted by Girish Krishnan on January 3, 2006

We are in 2006 and there’s of course the usual brouhaha about the new year that has got ingrained in the human genome. Some people are sad about letting go the passing year and for others, it is exciting to welcome the arrival of a new year. One could see two sides of human behaviour over here – one which doesnt want a change and wants to hold on to present for ever and the other which wants to forget and start afresh. What could be a balanced view? I am sure people would have different opinions on this, but as far as i am concerned a new year is just a milestone – just like the ones which you keep noting while going on a long drive. While on a drive we constantly remember where we started from and where the journey is going to end, but in real life we are ignorant of the macro view. Hence some people want to cling on to the past; it is probably better to be happy that the milestone has passed and you are nearer to the destination!

The logic stands but alas, we are all but human! Six terms has passed in ISB and it has been an exciting journey so far. Changes are inevitable, and we need to be prepared for it. We may encounter a crossroad, a speed checking cop, an accident, bad climate etc etc on the road. The trick is in anticipating and changing gears accordingly. It is a one way lane and there’s no turning back – The most you can do is to look at the rear view mirror and see what you have left behind.

Goodbye Term 6, welcome 2006!

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Ready to Soar?

Posted by Girish Krishnan on December 30, 2005

This picture was taken during Poseidon and participated in the photography contest. For me it symbolizes the spirit of ISB – Birds ready to soar!!!

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