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Researching on Influence

Posted by Girish Krishnan on August 9, 2007

Influence as a term amazes me. Its tough to unravel the possibilities that could unlock in front of us if only we are able to comprehend the various nuances of this word and of course, demonstrate it in the real world. Most of us do our interactions with people involuntarily and keep creating mental impressions on them which we are ourselves unaware of. We take that up for study and to reach a conclusion only in rare circumstances – for eg: if someone is seemingly upset with you , then you start analyzing where things went wrong and what previous impressions the person probably had about you.

People are interested to know about Influence at various levels – from politicians to company leaders to the common man on the street, everyone feels happy if they get a good feedback about their actions. In other words, a pulse check on each person’s or organization’s influence towards their social circle is required to reveal an important indicator of survival and doing well.

In order to understand “influence” better I plan to take assistance of statistics. A diverse sample of people collectively reacting to various news items will be a good pulse check for the world to have. If this sample is properly chosen and constitutes of some really learned new generation managers, may be it becomes biased by not representing the normal public, but it does still represent a community which understands the impact of news items in far greater detail than the normal public. Watch out this space to know more about our effort to contribute to the world a pulse check feedback on Influence!!!

I’d say the concept rhymes with “The Wisdom of the crowds” theory as “The Wisdom of the wise” theory! I believe that the latter can do better advice to organizations and people – The word crowd is a turn off at least for me – it rarely behaves wise, and i like my own space in every sense!.

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What makes lives memorable? Watch “The Namesake”

Posted by Girish Krishnan on April 16, 2007

This one’s for people who love reality, and probably come from a middle class background. Most of the times we overlook the importance of little things in life – take the case of sending greeting cards. I remember from my childhood that i used to crib when i used to see hand made cards – I always thought that people made drawings/greetings themselves only to save money and that it was a bit inferior to getting nice, posh cards from shops. But embedded in the process of creating those cards are those special moments in life that linger for long and push you to nostalgia. If one has this habit of giving importance to these special moments and encourage spawning of them whenever possible, i think he/she will have a truly memorable life. After all, what’s life without memories….its a journey just meant to build them!

It is the director’s/author’s attention to detail that makes this movie experience truly memorable. The movie does show the flux in a ABCD family due to cultural differences, but for me the highlight of the movie was definitely the bonding between the family members themselves.  Whether it is a newly married bride adjusting to alien culture or a middle aged wife feeling that she’s losing her family and later facing the shock of her husband passing away, the scenes as well as the narrative are simply superb. Ashok Ganguli and Ashima are as normal and warm as anybody can get – and there are so many subtle moments of their lives that we could totally relate to…There isnt too much melodrame in the movie and may be it would appeal to only a select set of audience.

While writing this stuff, i juss remembered that i had a notebook full of comic strips which i drew when i was a kid and i am really eager to get my hands on it now. I think my hero was a Chinese Martial arts expert who used a special combo of Kung Fu, Karate and Judo (ooohh .. how crappy can one’s imagination get? !)to beat up bad people and i had probably got inspiration from watching the 36th chamber of Shaolin too many times. 🙂

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Philanthropy Vs Business

Posted by Girish Krishnan on April 13, 2007

Here’s an interesting connection between marketing and alleviation of poverty.
Advertisement campaigns have to break the clutter of already running campaigns /advertisements to be successful. In our country of more than a billion people, it is really tough to get your voice to be heard. If you are not heard in some way or other, you cannot create a change in the lives of people and help them take a path you feel is the right way to prosperity.

If many of us have an entreprenuerial drive in us, it is for a reason – that we can make a difference to our country.It has always been my strong belief that philanthropy is not the way out, but being in a position of influence certainly is – better still if you have a thriving business that can fund initiatives. Being a mother Theresa is probably more difficult for many of us as compared to becoming decent businessmen or women. Thats a tough statement to make, however i believe thats a practical one.

Read this quote from a person (a mexican – if that gives a clue!) who might just become the richest person in this world ….”Poverty isn’t solved with donations,building businesses often does more for society than going around like Santa Claus”! I cant agree with this more and I believe this is certainly a bigger driving force in the lives of many Indian youth who want to create that difference in our country.

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Creativity, Distance, Pareeksha

Posted by Girish Krishnan on April 5, 2007

Some of us have been experimenting with our own determination – by trying to collaborate and make something work even if there is good amount of distance between us – the team members! Work Offshoring is a time tested model in our own software industry but the paradigm in which we are trying out our collaboration is different. In our model the incentives are only about the kick that one derives out of the collective bonding and camaraderie that plays out during our interactions – and of course the push to achieve a common goal .. its a test for each of our free will in an environment where nothing is forced, where each one of the members are welcome to leave at any point in time!

The tasks we are trying to accomplish arent tactical or strategic – they are creative!!! I think this is a great way to test our drive, because creativity doesnt fall in line with the work that can be done with a blinding mask on one’s face. It needs total dedication and resolve – and unless we actually enjoy working with each other and are powered by an accepted collective goal, it isnt going to fructify.

The learnings from this exercise have been great – both in terms of discovering one’s own deficiencies and also in terms of understanding what kind of personalities gel well under trying circumstances; its been a lesson for all of us in both human and organizational behaviour.

I hope to share my learnings in detail through a later post – and also hope that we crosss the last mile with a lot of success. An awesome product is shaping up – I’m just so eager to release it …..

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Maintaining the goodness in you..

Posted by Girish Krishnan on April 4, 2007

There are times in life when you have to choose between what is “sensible” and what is “good”. Maybe sensible is the correct way out – one never knows till he has the vision of hindsight..But i am a strong believer in the power of goodness, because many a time that helps you sleep better than if you had chosen the “sensible” option. Nowadays i have started collecting symbols of goodness for my desktop to keep me reminded of what i should be following in life 🙂

Check out these symbols – the chinese, japanese, indian and the persian symbols of goodness…

The Chinese Symbol of GoodnessThe Japanese Kanji for GoodnessSwastikaSymbol of Mithra

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Are u a pencil?

Posted by Girish Krishnan on December 3, 2006

One gets fascinated by different writing styles, and subconsciously you start taking tips from them. This stuff happens quite a lot with me and i have classified gurus for styles – Dave Barry for slapstick, Eric Segal for mush, Archer for fiction, Enid Blyton for magic,Levitt/Gladwell for Mgmt concepts…but on top of my favs list is Coelho, for his poetic take on philosophy….

I loved this thought from his “Like the flowing river” and wanted to immediately share it…Sharing increases the satisfaction you derive out of it…But i am afraid that i would kill the stuff if i write it myself – sadly i dont want to copy it either! – here’s juss the gist, read the book!

Why should u be like the pencil?

Because of its five qualities… 

First quality: a guiding hand (god) makes you write great things, never forget that!

Second quality: sharpening (learning from experience!) makes u suffer for a phase but helps you write better! wow…!!

Third quality: you can always correct what u write, juss carry an eraser (mindset to accept mistakes and change!!!)

Fourth quality: the graphite inside is more important than the wooden exterior..

Fifth quality: the pencil always leaves a mark even if u try n rub it off..(so take care of everything you do in life!!!!)

If you can simplify philosophy to a level wherein you can teach it to a child, you deserve a bow!!! Paul Coelho is amazing, read the Alchemist if you haven’t!

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