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Insulting the Monkey!

Posted by Girish Krishnan on January 8, 2008

The following usages are amongst the ones which would be soon banned in our cricketing fraternity – “Hawk Eye”, “Out for a duck”,”Sitting Duck”, “Pigeon Mcgrath”, “Bengal Tiger Ganguly”, “Tiger of Pataudi”. The phrases below would soon be questioned – “As fast as a cheetah”, “as alert as a dog”, “lamb willing to get slaughtered”, “hopping like a kangaroo”! I heard that the Indian team is considering to take back their MVP Agarkar (MVP for India or its opposition! – can’t deny that he always makes a difference to the game!) in the team to get the Aussies in trouble. Remember, they made the racist remark of him being “The Bombay Duck” when he scored (or didn’t!) 6 consecutive ducks in the last series against them.

More restrictions to follow – you are not supposed to call anyone a “Kangaroo” or a “Donkey” or “Pig”!! What will happen to people who want to do only mild abuses? I guess they would have to go to unbanned territory of f**ks and s***w you’s to live a decent life from now on! “Dude, look there – that chick looks hot!” (siren rings) . Am in Detroit – “Hey dog, how u doin?” (more siren!) .

After long and thoughtful discussions, myself and Ata (short for Ajay Thomas Abraham who is a good friend of mine) came to the conclusion that people have got it all wrong. According to the Oxford dictionary (which has gone out of use nowadays), Monkey is the name given to a particular kind of chest thumping, alpha active animal which takes pride in scratching itself publicly. Unfortunately for Symonds and the Aussies, “Monkeys” cannot be called a race! Have you ever seen a particular race of human being in a zoo? But hey, you do see monkeys there. I overheard that according to the Aussie Law, the monkeys over there are entitled to social security pension and insurance now! The latest news is that the Aussie Monkey Association is moving to court because apparently in the zoos they are being subjected to racism (kids are calling them Symonds!! ooooh – that’s serious offense!)

Mr Symonds – I think you should be suing DD-National channel for all your problems. Long time ago, they telecasted a mythological serial called “Ramayan” which had Dhara Singh playing the great “Hanuman” – our monkey god, with brilliant superpowers and who is an embodiment of all the good in the world. Unfortunately for you (actually its unfortunate for Hanuman), Dhara singh bears an uncanny resemblance to you esp when you appear with that white cream on your face and i feel that is the root cause of all problems!

You were on the verge of being revered in India, but now are on the “hate” list of everyone for being such a cry baby. Anyways, i think its time for the media to correct the alleged racist remarks against Bhajji – at least the accusation should be that he is a speciest and not a racist!

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Wiki Video at Tera Mera Idea

Posted by Girish Krishnan on December 26, 2007

Check out this site –

Its an effort by some of us to create a collaborative video leveraging technology to enable distributed development of creative work. A perfect example of the amazing turns that life takes, our video creation spurred another set of creative individuals to come out with a rock band called “Musafir” ( They recorded a beautiful song called “Nishani” for our video and now are in the road to achieve far greater successes!

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What makes lives memorable? Watch “The Namesake”

Posted by Girish Krishnan on April 16, 2007

This one’s for people who love reality, and probably come from a middle class background. Most of the times we overlook the importance of little things in life – take the case of sending greeting cards. I remember from my childhood that i used to crib when i used to see hand made cards – I always thought that people made drawings/greetings themselves only to save money and that it was a bit inferior to getting nice, posh cards from shops. But embedded in the process of creating those cards are those special moments in life that linger for long and push you to nostalgia. If one has this habit of giving importance to these special moments and encourage spawning of them whenever possible, i think he/she will have a truly memorable life. After all, what’s life without memories….its a journey just meant to build them!

It is the director’s/author’s attention to detail that makes this movie experience truly memorable. The movie does show the flux in a ABCD family due to cultural differences, but for me the highlight of the movie was definitely the bonding between the family members themselves.  Whether it is a newly married bride adjusting to alien culture or a middle aged wife feeling that she’s losing her family and later facing the shock of her husband passing away, the scenes as well as the narrative are simply superb. Ashok Ganguli and Ashima are as normal and warm as anybody can get – and there are so many subtle moments of their lives that we could totally relate to…There isnt too much melodrame in the movie and may be it would appeal to only a select set of audience.

While writing this stuff, i juss remembered that i had a notebook full of comic strips which i drew when i was a kid and i am really eager to get my hands on it now. I think my hero was a Chinese Martial arts expert who used a special combo of Kung Fu, Karate and Judo (ooohh .. how crappy can one’s imagination get? !)to beat up bad people and i had probably got inspiration from watching the 36th chamber of Shaolin too many times. 🙂

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Creativity, Distance, Pareeksha

Posted by Girish Krishnan on April 5, 2007

Some of us have been experimenting with our own determination – by trying to collaborate and make something work even if there is good amount of distance between us – the team members! Work Offshoring is a time tested model in our own software industry but the paradigm in which we are trying out our collaboration is different. In our model the incentives are only about the kick that one derives out of the collective bonding and camaraderie that plays out during our interactions – and of course the push to achieve a common goal .. its a test for each of our free will in an environment where nothing is forced, where each one of the members are welcome to leave at any point in time!

The tasks we are trying to accomplish arent tactical or strategic – they are creative!!! I think this is a great way to test our drive, because creativity doesnt fall in line with the work that can be done with a blinding mask on one’s face. It needs total dedication and resolve – and unless we actually enjoy working with each other and are powered by an accepted collective goal, it isnt going to fructify.

The learnings from this exercise have been great – both in terms of discovering one’s own deficiencies and also in terms of understanding what kind of personalities gel well under trying circumstances; its been a lesson for all of us in both human and organizational behaviour.

I hope to share my learnings in detail through a later post – and also hope that we crosss the last mile with a lot of success. An awesome product is shaping up – I’m just so eager to release it …..

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Are u a pencil?

Posted by Girish Krishnan on December 3, 2006

One gets fascinated by different writing styles, and subconsciously you start taking tips from them. This stuff happens quite a lot with me and i have classified gurus for styles – Dave Barry for slapstick, Eric Segal for mush, Archer for fiction, Enid Blyton for magic,Levitt/Gladwell for Mgmt concepts…but on top of my favs list is Coelho, for his poetic take on philosophy….

I loved this thought from his “Like the flowing river” and wanted to immediately share it…Sharing increases the satisfaction you derive out of it…But i am afraid that i would kill the stuff if i write it myself – sadly i dont want to copy it either! – here’s juss the gist, read the book!

Why should u be like the pencil?

Because of its five qualities… 

First quality: a guiding hand (god) makes you write great things, never forget that!

Second quality: sharpening (learning from experience!) makes u suffer for a phase but helps you write better! wow…!!

Third quality: you can always correct what u write, juss carry an eraser (mindset to accept mistakes and change!!!)

Fourth quality: the graphite inside is more important than the wooden exterior..

Fifth quality: the pencil always leaves a mark even if u try n rub it off..(so take care of everything you do in life!!!!)

If you can simplify philosophy to a level wherein you can teach it to a child, you deserve a bow!!! Paul Coelho is amazing, read the Alchemist if you haven’t!

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Friedman is right, Bond’s not!

Posted by Girish Krishnan on November 18, 2006

Noted economist Milton Friedman passed away a couple of days back, and i remember having got convinced when Prof Krishna quoted Friedman in our class and said that “there is no such thing as a free lunch!”. But the problem with these macro views of life is that they are so different from what you perceive out of day to day events and you should be a genius to convince yourself of the big picture!

The correlation is bleak, but where i am coming from is that my employer gave me a Rs 250 ticket + Junk food coupon for watching Casino Royale at one of the better multiplexes in Bangalore. I am definitely no James Bond fan as most of his films dont match with my sensibilities about a good movie. However, the momentary allure of a non-existant freebie and my inherent employer obediency lend me enough courage to plough my way through the almost static traffic from Indiranagar to INOX at MGRoad. For the first time in my life, i was at the cinema hall pretty much alone without any of my friends/family around and that too to see a stupid Bond movie – and it felt pretty bad/sad 😦

Anyways, the movie started pretty hopelessly too – the normal “pistol ke saare bullet james bond ne pehle hi nikal diye the” trick..and I really felt like an idiot sittin there!

The one thing i actually like about all recent James Bond movies is their soundtrack – rather the title score – the eerie, racy theme song and the title scenes (especially the graphics) are probably the only things which i watch out for (okay okay – n sometimes at the ladies too!) every time i see a Bond film. Tina Turner singing “GoldenEye” or Sheryl Crow performing “Tomorrow never dies”, were for me the best part of those movies, and of course, the images runnin parallel were pretty cool too. Compared to those songs, “You know my name” sung by a guy (!), doesnt have any impact and marks a pretty dull beginning for a blockbuster Bond movie.

One of the primary reasons for me to desist Double-O-Seven, is because he doubles up as a womaniser along with his role as spy with the license to kill. The plots are deliberately created to have some sexy sirens around Bond for most of the movie and the rest of the time he’s showing off though he doesnt look/act as athletic as he should be. Talking of womanising, I think we shouldnt call Bond a hero – he is actually a bad guy with lots of ego!  It is difficult for a monk and a monster to co-exist in a single being, and so logically the monster part is pretending the monk part (Pretty insane comments, eh? ). That logic clarifies why Bond dumps women after the job is done, each and every time. The producers of James Bond movies (MGM) after all these years, probably thought through the above logic and wanted to justify the character (on why he’s like what he is!). This movie is all about how he gets trauma transformed into the 007 we are talking about!

Anyhow, i must confess that this is a reasonably good movie compared to what i have see earlier of Bond (which is most of ’em). The first half is good, especially the action scenes – and for the first time, James Bond looks like he’s capable of doing the stunts.

All I remember of James Bond, whenever i think of an action sequence is Pierce Brosnan adjusting his tie! But Daniel Craig, the lead here, looks really fit and suited for the role of the International spy, a real assassin! He comes across as a much hard hitting and darker hero than his unoriginal predecessors and does less of the womanising part. The second half is for “mush” loving girls, “complicated” women and some guys (dont know what category is that!). It resembles a huge soap  + Mills and Boons + Frederick Forsyth + Eric Segal all mixed into a single package – and is so boring and predictable that i started bothering unknown people around for some compassion and sympathy!

You see, i predicted that our heroine forged the account number much much before apna “ullu ka phatta” Bond guessed it! If you are reasonably sensible, you would also predict that at or before the time in the movie where i guessed it and should not worry too much about the importance of this twist in the movie which i already revealed to you 😉

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Heard of Maecenas?

Posted by Girish Krishnan on November 14, 2006

Well, here’s some research on another painting that’s hung in my room.In fact, there are around 9 of them in my temporary bedroom and all of them are imitations of real famous paintings! Guess that gives me good content to write about for some days and gain some knowledge myself!.

Maecenas Presenting the Liberal Arts to the Emperor Augustus (63BC-14AD) – by Giovanni Tiepolo. Gaius Cilnius Maecenas (70-8 BC) was a confidant and political advisor to Octavian, who was to become the first Emperor of Rome as Caesar Augustus.BTW Maecenas is famous for his prose on Prometheus, and among all of us who know the story, i’m sure there would only be a few who havent been moved hearing it!. All of us do mistakes and get punished, but what Prometheus went through is beyond our imagination..I shudder even now when i think of the pain described in his case!!!

For stealing the fires from them, the gods (Zeus) had Prometheus carried to Mount Caucasus, where an eagle by the name of Ethon would pick at his liver; it would grow back each day and the eagle would eat it again. This punishment was to last 30,000 years but luckily for Prometheus, Hercules freed him after 12 generations when the punishment was started. Zeus was a bit upset that humans werent punished properly for stealing fire and so created the eternally beautiful Pandora and sent her to earth.(wonder why all problems in life are created by beautiful women? :-))  Pandora marries Prometheus’ brother and Zeus presents her with a beautifully wrought box. When Pandora opened the box, all suffering and despair was unleashed upon mankind and Zeus had his revenge.

wow..u feel really good after tellin a story – much better than some crappy observation, isnt it!!!

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Madonna on the rocks!

Posted by Girish Krishnan on November 14, 2006

Was prowling around my antiquated guest house room yesterday and this painting caught my attention. “The Madonna Litta” by Leonardo Da Vinci. On googling, i figured out a few interesting things..
-> Madonna is a medieval Italian term for a noble or otherwise important woman. In Western Christian art tradition this word is used for the works depicting the Virgin Mary, the mother of Jesus.
-> Remember Madonna on the rocks? – The painting from which Langdon gets the key in the Da Vinci code? There were two versions of this painting..first one by Louvre painted around 1483, and the second one by Da Vinci done around 1495!
–> wiki says – In the popular novel The Da Vinci Code, written by the American novelist Dan Brown, it is claimed that the earlier Louvre version contained hidden symbolism which contradicted orthodox Christian belief, notably the fact that Jesus is shown praying to John rather than the other way round (the novel implies that the baby at the left must be Jesus rather than John, because he is with the Madonna). It is also claimed that the Virgin appears to be holding an invisible head and that Uriel appears to be “slicing the neck” with his finger. For this reason the painting was rejected by the Church, and a second, more orthodox, version was painted!

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Heaven holds the faithful departed

Posted by Girish Krishnan on November 6, 2006

Saw a couple of interesting movies over the weekend..and both had memorable quotes on after life..
Martin Scorscees The Departed is a must see for people who love those twisty thrillers. One doesnt come with a greater ensemble cast as Damon, DiCaprio, Nicholson,Sheen, Wahlberg – and Marty himself(as director) ! The movie is predictable in parts but gets u really involved and for me thats the sign of a good movie. You are primed with “Heaven holds the faithful departed” as seen in a card in Billy’s mothers grave, and the same sympathy is evoked in the end too.

Its really a bit late to catch up with The Da Vinci Code, but neverthless did that, and that was a good one too. Cant compare it to the experience of reading the book, but for someone like me who is not very aware of the christian history the movie visuals help to understand the story better and from that perspective the movie had a greater impact than the book.Its euphoria when “She rests at last beneath the starry skies” gives a new meaning to what Langdon and Neveu are searching for, and again the quote remains on ur head even after the movie is over..

I gather that some quotes have an unusual impact on you especially if you are observing something in its backdrop. What you are observing could be your own life! Ever seen people put up these posters about honesty, inspiration etc in their rooms??
The connect they make with the quote and some happening makes it significant to them. On the other side, on a daily basis the quote reminds them of what to do/not to do or probably against something they go wrong with frequently, which in turn give a cue or two about the person 😉

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Autoscroll for guitarists!

Posted by Girish Krishnan on November 2, 2006

Was checking out a song lyrics in the web when i came across a cool feature in a site. This one’s a superb example of how technology can help someone – in this case, guitarists.
Check out the link –

The page gives you the song and its guitar chords. The fun part is that you could set the Auto scroll feature on with the requisite pace so that the page scrolls down automatically! Its such a simple feature, but it so useful to any amateur who is looking at the page, trying to play the chords and parallely sing the song!

The above song is not too bad either, check it out if u r a indi pop aficionado. The singer (her name is Sona) has a good voice and a westernized accent which goes well with the spanish music in bolo na! Do i see an Indian rock star in the making? time will tell!

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