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Posted by Girish Krishnan on August 21, 2008

  • Stop waiting for that 1 hr workout that you plan to do – 15 min of exercise daily morning makes you more agile and active than you could imagine!
  • Put an end to the dust accumulation on the $60 book today! You are never going to get those two free days when you plan to finish it off in some marathon sittings. 5 pages a day over a couple of weeks would get you far ahead than you ever thought of!
  • Switch to Macbook today, forget about a potential productivity loss during your learning exercise! You will start loving it more than windows in no time!
  • Unread mails would always remain there! Read it and tag-create a  to-do list which you review and update everyday!
  • Be happy, think positive and cheer up people around you – this day wont come back again!

One Response to “Revelations”

  1. Neo said

    very true revelations…esp the last one

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