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Moving from Disturbia to Ekaagratha!

Posted by Girish Krishnan on June 16, 2008

This was inspired by this Sunday Times post by Andrew Sullivan.

There are some inherent issues with people with seemingly a lot of energy. A lot of people suffer from lack of “Ekaagratha” ( meaning concentration in Malayalam – etymological root in Sanskrit). Plainly put it is nothing but digression of attention, and i am feeling the pinch of it thanks to all the technological advancements we are making in the internet space.

You are doing something and in between a mail pops up; you read it because of your curious nature. By the time you finish with replying to it, your bloglines reader shows up a new post, and you go after it. By this time the stock quotes widget shows up a serious drop in one of your watch-list stocks and you prioritize to tackle it. This is a like another illness for an already ailing person. A famous usage in Malayalam is “Kooninmel kuru” (like getting a blister on top of the hunch for the hunchback) – what could be worse!

Concentration is king and being disciplined aids in this “information on fingertip” rich world. Its okay to lose out on a lot of superficial information as depth of knowledge is what will lead us to insights and differentiation. We understand that there is a clutter of information that is hitting each one of us every moment we survive and in the process priming or biasing our thoughts. We cannot stop this from happening, but we can choose to drill into some of the information selected from this set and leave the rest out.

The victors of this information dominated world would be those who can pick the right sources and prioritize the information leads properly. Others, even with the same or better intellectual capabilities, need to develop more ekaagratha (concentration power)..


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