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Posted by Girish Krishnan on August 29, 2007

There are some events in the history of earth that serve as indicators of certain changes/characteristics of human behaviour. Similarly there are movies which come up with disruptive techniques that change filmmaking altogether.

Check this post by Paul Kedrosky entitled Open Source Attention Deficit Disorder Measurement. He writes:

There are stories making the rounds about people becoming nauseated while watching the popular new movie "The Bourne Ultimatum" Not because they movie is so bad, but because the shot lengths are so short, averaging (apparently) something like two seconds. In some people that sort of thing — alongside fast camera moves — seemingly induces vomiting. Fascinating.

That, however, got me thinking. Many people, myself included, think movie shot lengths are getting shorter and edits closer together. It is, to one way of thinking, a reflection of our collective attention deficit disorder….

So, is it true? Have shots gotten shorter over the years? Until recently that wasn’t something on which you could readily find data, but now you can at least begin to, courtesy of a growing database of public movie shot-length data at Cinemetrics.

As he points out, may be "The Bourne Ultimatum" indicates that the average attention span of people have decreased over the years. The world is apparently getting dominated by restless go getters who find it really difficult to adjust to a calm, laid back lifestyle be it in work or in personal life. The older slow movies which had long shots no longer hold people engrossed, and probably just get them bored. May be all avenues of business should take a cue from this .. what say?

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