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Winds of Change

Posted by Girish Krishnan on August 23, 2007

Recent Advertising spend figures in US indicate a clear trend that more and more advertising spending is getting redirected to the internet from TV, Radio and Print media. Check out this post.

You might also be interested to have a look at this article by Joel Achenbach in the washington post too. It is a cynical view of the impact of internet proliferation on print media,and i strongly believe that a confirmed behavioral shift has happened amongst the new age demographic segments which is mostly irreversible.

As apparent from the above pieces, these are scary times for large Newspaper corporations. If you ask me, there are two main points any good newspaper delivers on – The first would be articles of relevancy (recent news items) and the second one, articles of depth (literary articles or opinions by analysts). The downside of a reading a newspaper is that it is a package deal – there are lots of news items which are irrelevant to a reader, and skimming them is avoidable.

With the advancement of the web and its availability into highly accessible personal devices, the business models of newspapers are under threat. The advent of blogs very often give first hand insights into issues as compared to second order reporting available in newspapers. The real time delivery of news items in the internet further dilutes the importance of the traditional newspaper.Good in-depth articles that analyze issues in detail and those which are built of literary strength still have a good market and that is only remaining core-competency of newspapers. Another grave internal threat is awaiting these newspapers – that is the columnists themselves going independent. It is only a matter of time that good writers figure out a better means of making money than working full time in an aging newspaper corporation.

How can newspapers reinvent themselves now?

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One Response to “Winds of Change”

  1. Events said

    I think newspapers could do better quality stories. Not all newspapers have the best quality in writing or subject matter. There are some newspapers that I believe will survive any fall out, however it is the majority of lesser quality papers that will die. I grew up in a city with 2 major newspapers, and the bigger bought out the smaller, and the story and writing quality deteriorated quickly.

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