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Posted by Girish Krishnan on August 9, 2007

Influence as a term amazes me. Its tough to unravel the possibilities that could unlock in front of us if only we are able to comprehend the various nuances of this word and of course, demonstrate it in the real world. Most of us do our interactions with people involuntarily and keep creating mental impressions on them which we are ourselves unaware of. We take that up for study and to reach a conclusion only in rare circumstances – for eg: if someone is seemingly upset with you , then you start analyzing where things went wrong and what previous impressions the person probably had about you.

People are interested to know about Influence at various levels – from politicians to company leaders to the common man on the street, everyone feels happy if they get a good feedback about their actions. In other words, a pulse check on each person’s or organization’s influence towards their social circle is required to reveal an important indicator of survival and doing well.

In order to understand “influence” better I plan to take assistance of statistics. A diverse sample of people collectively reacting to various news items will be a good pulse check for the world to have. If this sample is properly chosen and constitutes of some really learned new generation managers, may be it becomes biased by not representing the normal public, but it does still represent a community which understands the impact of news items in far greater detail than the normal public. Watch out this space to know more about our effort to contribute to the world a pulse check feedback on Influence!!!

I’d say the concept rhymes with “The Wisdom of the crowds” theory as “The Wisdom of the wise” theory! I believe that the latter can do better advice to organizations and people – The word crowd is a turn off at least for me – it rarely behaves wise, and i like my own space in every sense!.

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