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Collaboration as a long tail phenomena

Posted by Girish Krishnan on August 7, 2007

The concept of long tail applies to teams also – In the internet world, many business models can be set up with the internet allowing them to work together. The key to such business models is interest. Take any open source project – key individuals are into it because of their own interest. Its difficult to keep good people tied to a business unless they are themselves interested in it.

From the above premise comes a business model, especially valid for creative pursuits. The more successful ones would have people working on them because of their own interest and the confidence that they can contribute to making it work. Visibility and co-ownership are the two most important characteristics of such an organization. This can be seen in big organizations too – if we observe closely there will be the seeds of these virtual teams that are waiting to be sown and grown. People who like to be together, with complementing personalities, and who share a common vision are the best incubators of new businesses.

How do you get a team like that? With internet and the long tail phenomenon, the cost of production and the cost of consumption came down, and more importantly there are tools which connect the demand and the supply groups. These tools could be Google search, blogs, emails, alumni networks and all kinds of stuff. Am sure in the coming future there will be the long tail teams that redefine creativity and the mode of doing businesses!

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