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Of intricate behavior and driving

Posted by Girish Krishnan on August 6, 2007

Its fascinating to compare driving on Indian Roads to human behavior. Some vehicles are open in nature – they reveal their agenda to others. They put indicators early enough to tell others that they are turning, they maintain a good speed, they don’t ply with variable speed but they rather move according to road conditions, and most importantly they know where they are going and tell you that, clearly!

Another set of vehicles have a set of hidden agenda – they never put indicators, move at variable speed – may be they keep looking at things on the way, decide suddenly ,procrastinate about decisions and take confusing turns!

While driving, I have found it very useful to categorize vehicles who have a hidden agenda and those which are open and transparent. It really helps to deal with them effectively – After all, thats how things happen in real life too,isn’t it?… with some people you can be open, but then there are those who make life difficult…

Tech Tags: Driving, Open Agenda, Hidden Agenda, Behavior,Indian Roads


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