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Some news items make us sad..

Posted by Girish Krishnan on July 31, 2007

Its been murky in Bangalore for the last month or so – There hasn’t been too much of rain, but the climate would quickly inspire a newcomer to the city to buy an umbrella. But its been awesomely enjoyable weather, and with the Indian Cricket team showing willingness to fight hard in England, i was in one of the best moods of late.

Its amazing how news items can cause mood swings – I have been worried ever since i got to know that Sanjay Dutt had been given 6 years in prison for his role in the 1993 Mumbai serial blasts case. Its probably a well deserved punishment – as no sane individual would possess such weapons even for self defense in a peaceful society as ours, and may be the incident points to the existence of several untold stories that have been hushed underneath for fear of much more dire consequences to the people involved.

I can’t but wonder why someone who has been so rich and famous, riding on a serious success wave in his career and with a bright future at his behest, behave in a way that demeans the basic concept of humanity at least towards one’s own beloved – in this case the same masses who made him the man he is!

6 years is pittance of a punishment if Sanjay Dutt had any clue of what was coming in 1993, else it is appropriate for someone who was victimized by people at the height of their deviousness. In the latter case, its the society that has to be careful – In a country where people live in economic poverty, there are always going to be enough victims for the perpetrators of crime to target.

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