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Changing times for News reading

Posted by Girish Krishnan on July 26, 2007

There are vivid images associated with News reading; the one in my head is that of my grandpa lying in an easy chair and having a newspaper in hand. Not many years ago, every morning at around 7am, i used to rush to with my morning coffee tumbler in hand to my home sit out to check for the newspaper. The idea was to get to it before my dad got there! That hardly happened and i had to keep pulling sheets off the paper the moment he finished them.But reading news was a well defined task, with all information contained in the early morning edition of the paper.

Things changed a bit with the advent of television. The 7 Oclock news on TV pretty much covered items that were in the newspaper the next day, and now my reading got limited to sports, movies and some sensational columns. If news items dont surprise you with novelty, you start skimming for columns and articles which are enjoyable.

Currently,it’s the era of the Internet and RSS readers have changed my news life completely! I pick and choose what i like and dont, and ask my RSS Tool to present me the complete summary of all the information that came in the last 24 hrs.and Bingo, the news slideshow feature in NewZie does just that. In fact Newzie has become my office secretary when it comes to getting me updated on latest news items relevant to work! I guess the next step would be to have an agent (like program) who would also read my mind and explain me the background of the news items which are not very familiar …. am waiting, Yahoo! – Google – MS – u hearing?

Though i have also changed with times, I am still waiting eagerly to somehow get that old paper reading experience through the new medium which is the internet! – “Those were such happy times and not so long ago, how i wonder where they’d gone…now am waitin for the next line to happen! (from Yesterday once more by carpenters)

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