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Posted by Girish Krishnan on July 23, 2007

Discussions bring out insights – I have all kinds of discussions with people – They span the entire gamut – sometimes ridiculous, funny, argumentative, right on the throat, academic, philosophical, gossipy, and whatever other gazillion types i haven’t classified or don’t recollect right now.

Its amazing how a discussion goes and where it leads to – for example take what happened yesterday. We were driving to the Cha Bar in Bangalore after a “Die Hard” (nice masala movie BTW) show and was generally irritated due to the traffic around. Some wisecracking expressions of my irritations followed, and we were sharing the observation that interestingly people were driving slow on the Airport road on Sundays. I couldn’t understand the psyche of a couple of car drivers who were refusing to catch up with the vehicles in front, following them with almost 15 metres gap when there were vehicles behind zooming to take over the road !

Immediately Mr A came up with a pearl asking why do people hurry to office when most people seemingly hate their work! I guess people don’t think of it that way, and they just go to work to please someone higher up the value chain!

The next point of discussion was about the apartheid towards bikers as practiced at various 5 star hotels.This time around we were driving a four wheeler and were allowed to park inside. With the bike you are given very second rate treatment and are asked to park outside these hotels and accompanied by a “you worthless sloth from down the food chain” look by the attendants!. Same with the case where you are an economy passenger in airlines and not a platinum card holder!

As true sadists, we love to wear slippers to a five star hotel and arguing with the door keepers – the aim is to convince them that the person he is speaking to arrogantly is actually an elite hidden inside the shell of the chappal based attire! The WOW effect is when the attendant realizes your big shot stature (whether you are one or not is a different thing altogether!), and turns a new leaf while interacting with you! Similar effects are found when the person at the airline ticket counter realizes from his/her screen that the shabby looking item in front is actually an all powerful platinum card holder who can call up the CEO and get him/her fired!!

Anyways,the point of the post is simple. In India you need a car or a card or some designations to have people treat you with respect and warmth. Customer service in general sucks!


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