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Posted by Girish Krishnan on May 16, 2007

TIE had reported in 2003 that between 15,000 and 20,000 Indians have returned and Charter member of the organization Vish Mishra told San Jose Mercury News that the trend had continued and about 40,000 more had gone back in the last four years.

Why the trend?
– India is at the epicentre of a booming IT industry. The movement of people in many cases is not really disruptive i.e. they get to move to the India centre of the same company they work with

– One-quarter of immigrant-founded engineering and scientific companies set up in the United States during the past decade were by Indians. These companies rang up $52 billion in sales and created 450,000 jobs. The “can do it” confidence has become part of the Indian Gene.

– Companies are more (if not entirely) interested to move high value jobs to India – The R&D centers of various companies set up in India (Google,Microsoft, Yahoo!, Intel) are testimonial to the belief on the engineering talent in India.

– India is a also consumption market for IT. A lot of future growth will come from these emerging markets – Half of India’s 1.2 billion people are younger than 25. That’s 600 million people coming into their peak consuming years in an economy fueled primarily by exploding retail growth.Just imagine the spending potential of all these people combined – Its a huge market out here!

– For Indians who have seen wretched infrastructure and poverty in their home country, there has been marked improvements in the facilities over here in the last few years. Speaking in economist terminology, the utility function of living in India returns better results these days for all those Indians and this is a strong motivating factor to come back.

– Concerns on the kids growing up in alien land and the worthlessness of being away from their native land (when it has become a decent place to stay).

Hopefully the reverse brain drain will create a stubbornness in the Indian population  and help to get over the “chalta hain” attitude which has become part of our genes. The demand for proper returns on the tax payers money in terms of good services and a request for better accountability from all the government bodies will hopefully take shape.


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