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Do you know what an Open Id is?

Posted by Girish Krishnan on April 17, 2007

To put it simply, it is a common id which a person can use across various websites instead of creating a number of ids in each one of them and undergoing the hassle of maintaining them. The key to all open-id systems is a trustworthy central “broker” with whom the users feel comfortable entrusting their digital identity. As the internet real estate becomes increasingly expensive, the importance of digital identity also goes up as this might be the key to owning pieces of internet properties in the future.

The wiki link here explains it well enuff and i find no reason to write that down again in this space.

It is an interesting topic as there are lots of angles to it including privacy, ownership record maintenance, monetization models etc.
I would like to hear any of your views on this, its a good topic to debate on 🙂


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