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What makes lives memorable? Watch “The Namesake”

Posted by Girish Krishnan on April 16, 2007

This one’s for people who love reality, and probably come from a middle class background. Most of the times we overlook the importance of little things in life – take the case of sending greeting cards. I remember from my childhood that i used to crib when i used to see hand made cards – I always thought that people made drawings/greetings themselves only to save money and that it was a bit inferior to getting nice, posh cards from shops. But embedded in the process of creating those cards are those special moments in life that linger for long and push you to nostalgia. If one has this habit of giving importance to these special moments and encourage spawning of them whenever possible, i think he/she will have a truly memorable life. After all, what’s life without memories….its a journey just meant to build them!

It is the director’s/author’s attention to detail that makes this movie experience truly memorable. The movie does show the flux in a ABCD family due to cultural differences, but for me the highlight of the movie was definitely the bonding between the family members themselves.  Whether it is a newly married bride adjusting to alien culture or a middle aged wife feeling that she’s losing her family and later facing the shock of her husband passing away, the scenes as well as the narrative are simply superb. Ashok Ganguli and Ashima are as normal and warm as anybody can get – and there are so many subtle moments of their lives that we could totally relate to…There isnt too much melodrame in the movie and may be it would appeal to only a select set of audience.

While writing this stuff, i juss remembered that i had a notebook full of comic strips which i drew when i was a kid and i am really eager to get my hands on it now. I think my hero was a Chinese Martial arts expert who used a special combo of Kung Fu, Karate and Judo (ooohh .. how crappy can one’s imagination get? !)to beat up bad people and i had probably got inspiration from watching the 36th chamber of Shaolin too many times. 🙂


4 Responses to “What makes lives memorable? Watch “The Namesake””

  1. Neo said

    m also eager to watch the movie..

  2. watch it man, watch it 🙂

  3. MMM said

    awesome movie. will probably bag an oscar in some category…

  4. u r right Manish…it deserves at least a couple!

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