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Philanthropy Vs Business

Posted by Girish Krishnan on April 13, 2007

Here’s an interesting connection between marketing and alleviation of poverty.
Advertisement campaigns have to break the clutter of already running campaigns /advertisements to be successful. In our country of more than a billion people, it is really tough to get your voice to be heard. If you are not heard in some way or other, you cannot create a change in the lives of people and help them take a path you feel is the right way to prosperity.

If many of us have an entreprenuerial drive in us, it is for a reason – that we can make a difference to our country.It has always been my strong belief that philanthropy is not the way out, but being in a position of influence certainly is – better still if you have a thriving business that can fund initiatives. Being a mother Theresa is probably more difficult for many of us as compared to becoming decent businessmen or women. Thats a tough statement to make, however i believe thats a practical one.

Read this quote from a person (a mexican – if that gives a clue!) who might just become the richest person in this world ….”Poverty isn’t solved with donations,building businesses often does more for society than going around like Santa Claus”! I cant agree with this more and I believe this is certainly a bigger driving force in the lives of many Indian youth who want to create that difference in our country.


4 Responses to “Philanthropy Vs Business”

  1. Abhishek said

    Well I agree with you.Poverty can be eliminated by making ppl capable not by giving them money.Just for example if one wants his child to be happy he/she will make him capable enought to support himself.Giving him only riches will amke himm spoilt.In the same way a responsible human bieng should creat opportunities for others not donate.make them compete..create ample venues for growth..thats what I call an enterpreneur..or rather a great human being…Narayanmurthy is one grat example….

  2. well said Abhishek – It is the intention which makes any profession noble. A great human being would be one whose entrepreneurial drive itself is directed towards supporting others..

  3. Sudheendra NK said

    It is the same old principle of feeding fish vs. teaching one to fish. Dr Mohammad Younis, I believe is one of the modern pioneers of this theory.
    Also see

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