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Posted by Girish Krishnan on April 10, 2007

The long weekend that passed turned into a fruitful experience due to a couple of things – i was able to visit some of my good friends at Hyderabad and also visit one of the famous temples in South India. When i think about places for pilgrimage, there are several factors that guide my bhakti or lack of it 🙂 Primarily i need to feel that i am able to concentrate when i am at the temple and the ambience plays a vital part in enabling this. The Kollur Mookambika temple is one of my favourites because of its unique location inside a forest and of course its proximity to the gushing Souparnika!

Another factor that attracts me to temples is the concept behind them – Sabarimala is truly amazing in this aspect as the lord awaits the simplest human being in all of us, enduring rough terrains to visit him; In the process it inculcates a lot of humility and bhakti in our minds. The journey helps many of us to ground ourselves in case we are distracted by some seemingly high flying living.

This weekend I was lucky enough to visit the Gnana Saraswathi temple in Basara – near the banks of the Godavari river. Having been able to pursue education till masters, there isn’t too much left that i could ask for from the Goddess of knowledge and my companions for the trip were also equally privileged B-schoolers from IIMA,IIMC and ISB!! The trip was really special as this is the only Saraswathi temple in South India, and in families where academics is given utmost importance (like mine) there is a special place for Saraswathi devi poojas. Probably a lot of people fail to understand why some of us (whisper) beg the great lord’s pardon if we happen to accidentally step on a piece of newspaper even now – This little piece of training given by parents is a great way to ingrain the importance of education into young minds 

For many Indians, his/her devotion to knowledge and learning have brought a lot of prosperity especially in the last couple of decades, thanks to the rest of the world for openly valuing the Indian Intellect in contrast to the indifference shown by our own society! Though I take pride in that i am pretty neutral when it comes to pledging allegiance to any caste based community, been brought up in an middle class iyer household, an observation i have is that being/feeling learned (or knowledgeable) is the only feeling of security that most of us possess. This is increasingly so because over the years the global society has recognized that this is the only means by which non-business savy people can come up in life but the Indian governments are still trying to curb the prospering of bright minds by imposing reservations etc…..Seriously, some of us cant but feel indebted to US once we start thinking about all these stuff 😦

Anyways, the Gnana Saraswathi temple at Basara is a great place to take your kids to do their “Vidyarambham” or “Aksharabhyasam” – click here to learn more about Goddess Sarawathi and this particular temple.


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