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Britney and Bandh!

Posted by Girish Krishnan on February 12, 2007

What would you do on a Bandh –

A dedicated worker that i am , i started off early to office – Since the bandh imposers usually get up late, it doesnt get imposed till around 8:30AM. So i had breakfast in a hotel which had the shutter half pulled down and reached office well in advance of the usual time. But the guards outside my office felt that i looked too tired to work and so refused to allow me inside my office!!

I stay pretty close to office & commute isnt really an issue for me – so i walked back home and then decided to get stuck in front of my laptop! To vent out my frustrations of not being able to work, i decided to hear Britney Spears’ songs – “My prerogative”, “Overprotected”, “Sometimes i run” repeatedly! – Ever heard of people punishing themselves? Well, this is stuff which Monks in the himalayas do when they get a negative thought in their minds!(Read the Monk who sold his Ferrari!) – Britney’s lip sung/moans kind of lifted me out of the writer’s block that had me not scribbling in my blog for over a month now – Thanks Brit dear – I guess you can thank me too since for the first time someone has found a use for ur songs!

Its absolutely no correlation and only sheer concidence that the lyrics of the song “Overprotected” seem pretty valid in the context of the Bandh – or may be i am force fitting the idea because i heard the song very recently. But one cant but help feel that the political parties in India impose these strikes on the common public and make us feel overprotected.
Any strike is a huge loss for the country and increases its business risk. We may be feeling secure here even in the midst of the protests and strikes, but the news items that get splashed around the world about the Indo-Pak frictions, the terror strikes and the internal political strifes within the country is understood at a different perspective by the Business leaders around the world. There are so many multinationals which have set up their offshore centers in India and if the quality of service that we promised to deliver suffers, its gonna trigger a reverse transition of work.

Well, this is a utopian thought – but ideally Bandhs should never be a forced thing – in fact they are meant as a noble way of silent protest. Probably our courts should issue an order that anybody obstructing anyone else’s attempt to work a Bandh would be strictly punished. This involves groups that stop trains/buses/other vehicles plying on the roads , mobs that target public property, parties that do dharna in front of offices preventing people from entering work etc. Indirectly all these actions make sure that violation of law happens without any individual getting responsibility; nobody can prosecute the mob because it doesnt usually have an identity of its own!  Its high time some action be taken else the signal we would be sending to the outside world would be that in India everything hangs on the clout of certain politicians than on democracy.(as if this is not already the case now!) At least in the future let us hope that the politicians and the government give us the freedom to observe the bandh in its true spirit.


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    Going places?

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  2. my ol’boss – am in India 🙂

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