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Making the right choice..

Posted by Girish Krishnan on December 27, 2006

One of the biggest challenges in life is to make the right choice at the right times..As humans we are always faced with the dilemma of choosing of something over other. How nice it would be if you had someone who can always guide you to make the right decision…

Well, for once i did get help – someone literally thrust a cheque of $100 in my hand as christmas gift and forced me to donate it for a worthy cause!!!….needless to say it felt really really good!!

There are so many easy channels to vent out one’s frustration, but some people choose to direct it to doing something that reinforces the faith that people in general are good and so is the world around irrespective of the zillion bad things that seem to be happening around.  That way you convert your temper energy into creating a positive and peaceful attitude for yourself!

My employers kind of showed me to remain happy through the forced donation … the money is all theirs, but i get a share of the happiness derived out of it…and as i understand any sane being in this insane world would give anything to get that one! … thanks again!


3 Responses to “Making the right choice..”

  1. sometimes u are forced to think so, but i guess choice has to be there – how else can one exercise his/her free will?

  2. Bhaskar said

    I was watching the Matrix series nth time this week and its quite interesting to see the importance given to CHOICE in the movie..Even in GITA there is quite interesting reading on choice(do we really have a choice??)..
    I like the style you blog..
    Happy New year 2007


  3. hey Bhaskar – thanks for your comments. I dont know the answer for the question of whether we have choice or not..but i wish we have (to some extent).and even if we dont have, at least that belief is important – otherwise life would become just a playact, right?
    and yeah, have a wonderful new year ahead!

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