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Celebrate Bad Hair day!

Posted by Girish Krishnan on December 6, 2006

There are lot of special days that are celebrated throughout the year – Independence day, Gandhi Jayanthi, World AiDS day, International Hug Day, Pie in the face day, Air your Dirty laundry day etc. These days are celebrated in rememberance of some historic event/personality or as a motivation for people to achieve some very essential milestones.

Just in case you are unaware, there’s something special about today ie 6th dec too..a quote says – “Forgot to brush your hair? – thats ok because its International bad hair day today!”

Here’s what i am planning to do as part of todays celebrations – Anyone could feel free to emulate!
– Take stock of the evolutionary changes that are undergoing on top of (outside of) my skull  – my friends would know that the interiors have irreversably got distorted long time back 😉
– Observe the silver linings of my life – these are recent developments and i have seen 5 to 6 of them already!
– The glittering metro up on my head is extending beyond its permitted frontiers – Need to plan to take action to curtail deforestation – Probably fall back to the original “Thali” leaf medication!
– Collect statistics about competition at the singles group of my age and see how i fare against the national average! ( my gut feel tells me that i am actually in a position of envy –  he he 🙂 )
– Last but not the least i am planning a bit of sadistic activity too – will try to juss put the topic across to various sections on the brink/facing the catastrophe.. 😎


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