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Are u a pencil?

Posted by Girish Krishnan on December 3, 2006

One gets fascinated by different writing styles, and subconsciously you start taking tips from them. This stuff happens quite a lot with me and i have classified gurus for styles – Dave Barry for slapstick, Eric Segal for mush, Archer for fiction, Enid Blyton for magic,Levitt/Gladwell for Mgmt concepts…but on top of my favs list is Coelho, for his poetic take on philosophy….

I loved this thought from his “Like the flowing river” and wanted to immediately share it…Sharing increases the satisfaction you derive out of it…But i am afraid that i would kill the stuff if i write it myself – sadly i dont want to copy it either! – here’s juss the gist, read the book!

Why should u be like the pencil?

Because of its five qualities… 

First quality: a guiding hand (god) makes you write great things, never forget that!

Second quality: sharpening (learning from experience!) makes u suffer for a phase but helps you write better! wow…!!

Third quality: you can always correct what u write, juss carry an eraser (mindset to accept mistakes and change!!!)

Fourth quality: the graphite inside is more important than the wooden exterior..

Fifth quality: the pencil always leaves a mark even if u try n rub it off..(so take care of everything you do in life!!!!)

If you can simplify philosophy to a level wherein you can teach it to a child, you deserve a bow!!! Paul Coelho is amazing, read the Alchemist if you haven’t!


3 Responses to “Are u a pencil?”

  1. Neo said

    i have read this story…not sure if Paul Coelho has written it.

    but ya he writes really well.
    and wat abt khalil gibran?

  2. i tried khalil gibran’s The prophet – couldnt complete it – too high fi for me 🙂

  3. Maximus said

    I would like to see a continuation of the topic

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