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Kill, Hit, Destroy..

Posted by Girish Krishnan on December 1, 2006

Once again – a mob becomes violent, people get killed, public property gets destroyed……
Its a sad day once again and all i can do is to write about it..luckily in this country we still have freedom to do so..

It is interesting to ponder on what causes a mob to get together and show its fury.
How do you instigate a mob? and who are these people who take part in violence? and again, why and who mobilises the crowd?

If a country is full of law abiding citizens, how can you exert power if you are not a corporate? Through surrogate means of course! – a mob can intimidate people, destroy without being prosecuted and people who have the capability to do this become power points in the nation. They dont deserve/get respect, but they are feared!

According to me, to instigate a mob, you need at least three elements..
-> an immediate support group (consisting of local leaders, hard core believers of the cause,and some paid chamchas – goondas)
-> a curious crowd (not necessarily supporting the cause, but with a cultural fit!)
-> a motivation to hit the “tipping point” of the frenzy (need not necessarily be in terms of number of people!).To clarify on this point, say there was this inspiring speech by Mark Anthony and say somebody slaps him in public. Even though a person standing in a corner is not aware of what exactly happened to Mark Anthony, the frenzy catches up to him. We could also think of this as a process that takes place to start a stampede..If everyone stays put, there would be no stampede, but the motion of one person, creates a ripple effect on the mob!!

The funniest thing in all this is that under conditions where the mob is practically instigated, awareness of the end result plays ZERO part in reducing its fury – people juss succumb to overwhelming emotions and forget rationality..and i believe that successful ideas for controlling a mob could stem out from this understanding..


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