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In need of the first knight!

Posted by Girish Krishnan on November 30, 2006

The Indian team is going through a bad patch – the team morale is pretty low. The question is how do you recover from such a situation.

I am no psychologist, but i strongly believe that there are some personalities that can inspire confidence. Apparently, there is quite a lot of stuff that transpires in the dressing room, and our observations are limited to the field and Ads. So, even though we cannot be conclusive about the psychology of players, we could definitely pick up indications about their personality types from the TV screen. Like artificats, i guess statistics and public behaviour could also be subject to thin slicing (read Blink)

Coming back to cricket, i believe there are only two people capable of lifting the Indian team from the doldrums – they are Dravid and Dhoni. Their leadership styles are different – Dravid motivates by showing how to fight real hard and Dhoni inspires courage by showing how even worthy opponents can be treated with disdain if you have the confidence! Unfortunately, Dravid is out with injury and Dhoni’s abilities are not being used properly. For yesterdays match, i believe that the story could have been different if Dhoni had batted up the order!

Generalizing this issue, i think anyone could be faced with a tough phase in life where failure puts you down mentally – under adverse conditions it requires grit, strong resolve, and a good ecosystem to fight and come out as a winner.
I dont think i am capable of advising in this matter, however i can definitely spot things which would aid in such a situation. Grit and resolve cannot be inculcated in people overnight but momentary spikes could be spawned off to help people.The biggest contribution that the ecosystem can do is to eliminate fear of failure from one’s mind. This one’s the toughest part for mortals, isnt it?

Here’s a quote from the First Knight(Lancelot (Richard Gere) is a rogue with no ties, no enemies, and no fear- until he meets Lady Guinevere) – saw it on Sony Pix this sunday.

Lady Guinevere to Lancelot – “A man who fears nothing is a man who loves nothing,
   And if you love nothing,what joy is there in your life?”

Its a tough ask for mortals to get over failure, but then it is only some phases in life that immortalizes people, isnt it?


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