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Check your preprioception!

Posted by Girish Krishnan on November 28, 2006

I recently moved to Bangalore and it took 2 weeks for me to attempt a gym stint over here. Compared to the earlier gyms that i have visited in India and in US, FitnessOne is a more sophisticated place with TV screens mounted on the the tread mills and stuff like that! There are times in life where you feel that you are lagging behind the world and this was one of those (little) moments of truth for me 🙂

“FitnessOne” is a gym chain, which has multiple branches in bangalore and has presence in chennai too. Its a pretty cool place and the equipments available here are pretty modern as compared to other gyms plus there are enough trained instructors around to take care of you.

Learnt about an interesting term today from my gym instructor, its called “PREPRIOCEPTION”..For laymen, that’s sensory awareness of the position of body parts. To show you what preprioception is ,close your eyes and touch the end of your nose with your index finger or close your eyes and try standing on one feet. If there is imbalance while standing on one feet or if your brain cannot accurately figure out the position of your nose end point, your preprioception is affected!  In that case you should probably undergo a thorough check up by a physio, and chalk out a daily exercise schedule ..(and if you have to pay the physio for consultation, the trainer could be cross selling the services 😉 )


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