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Corporatised terror – wanna campus recruit now?

Posted by Girish Krishnan on November 22, 2006

The train blasts in West Bengal killed seven people and suspicions are on the KLO, ULFA – these guys have been fighting for a seperate state for some time now (the north-eastern part of bengal – siliguri area). Well,terrorism is getting pretty corporatised these days, and i am assuming even for ISI or SIMI or any of these organizations, there are designations like Head of Operations – India or Manager – South Zone, CFO, CAO (Chief Arms Officer) etc. Behavioural theories and good corporate governance principles are being followed in all these organizations to keep them going and also to keep the employees motivated.

I heard ISI gives free flyback to new places – but return trips arent always assured, they have operational issues! Alqda, offers free vacation (only for grade A and B designations) in picturesque mountains of Afghanistan from where you could closely view fireworks everyday ….Anyways, despite the perks i seriously believe that all these organizations lack good MBAs…

The fundamental driving force behind any corporate should be to increase shareholder value and in the real world so much of quantitative analysis is put in just to make sure that the shareholders dont lose out. In the light of all this, i was just wondering if people have ever done a statistical study on how many terrorist organizations have achieved ever lasting peace in the last 50 years?  or achieved their long term goal of liberating a  state or country in the same time frame?

I am assuming that the success rate is pretty dismal, even the absolute numbers should be pathetic!.Even when they succeeded, the violence and blood shed would have inflicted deep wounds within the community, that would always leave a tendency for another uprising. Seperating from something/someone close is always a painful exercise, and it should be done very carefully. I seriously believe that these terror corporates should realign their focus and use other means to fight for their causes..(now that gk has said that, the world is gonna change – duh !!)

I am still searching for statistics on terror but stopped firing search queries after sometime because you never know if someone is tracking higher number of requests with these words..will keep the post updated, but do let me know if any of you get some stats on this..


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