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Of search, tributes and the Mahatma..

Posted by Girish Krishnan on November 21, 2006

Was going through an interview script with Manoj Saxena of IBM when i found this interesting quote – “I like to say that when you are done and gone all you leave behind is your children and what Google says about you!”

I think this is such a true statement, esp if we happen to do some good or successful things in life. People of future generations would search for you once in a while – the number of searches in your name could be a nice way of paying tribute!

Imagine this one – Its oct 2nd, people are paying tribute to Gandhiji – in a big screen at Rajkot, information is listed about the number of searches that people made about him that year and also the top ten key words they used!!  May be freedom, ahimsa, father of the nation, vaishnava janatho, Munnabhai, Circuit etc…..I’m sure his soul would feel happy to find all warm words associated with him in the list 🙂

I know it may sound stupid right now, but in essence this is better than some politician saying stuff which he himself doesnt follow or believe in…isnt it?


2 Responses to “Of search, tributes and the Mahatma..”

  1. Neo said

    I loved the quote and this is a really refreshing idea/thought i have come across in recent times

  2. yeah – its really a cool thought! i think we’re doing the right thing by atleast bloggin 🙂

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