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Friedman is right, Bond’s not!

Posted by Girish Krishnan on November 18, 2006

Noted economist Milton Friedman passed away a couple of days back, and i remember having got convinced when Prof Krishna quoted Friedman in our class and said that “there is no such thing as a free lunch!”. But the problem with these macro views of life is that they are so different from what you perceive out of day to day events and you should be a genius to convince yourself of the big picture!

The correlation is bleak, but where i am coming from is that my employer gave me a Rs 250 ticket + Junk food coupon for watching Casino Royale at one of the better multiplexes in Bangalore. I am definitely no James Bond fan as most of his films dont match with my sensibilities about a good movie. However, the momentary allure of a non-existant freebie and my inherent employer obediency lend me enough courage to plough my way through the almost static traffic from Indiranagar to INOX at MGRoad. For the first time in my life, i was at the cinema hall pretty much alone without any of my friends/family around and that too to see a stupid Bond movie – and it felt pretty bad/sad 😦

Anyways, the movie started pretty hopelessly too – the normal “pistol ke saare bullet james bond ne pehle hi nikal diye the” trick..and I really felt like an idiot sittin there!

The one thing i actually like about all recent James Bond movies is their soundtrack – rather the title score – the eerie, racy theme song and the title scenes (especially the graphics) are probably the only things which i watch out for (okay okay – n sometimes at the ladies too!) every time i see a Bond film. Tina Turner singing “GoldenEye” or Sheryl Crow performing “Tomorrow never dies”, were for me the best part of those movies, and of course, the images runnin parallel were pretty cool too. Compared to those songs, “You know my name” sung by a guy (!), doesnt have any impact and marks a pretty dull beginning for a blockbuster Bond movie.

One of the primary reasons for me to desist Double-O-Seven, is because he doubles up as a womaniser along with his role as spy with the license to kill. The plots are deliberately created to have some sexy sirens around Bond for most of the movie and the rest of the time he’s showing off though he doesnt look/act as athletic as he should be. Talking of womanising, I think we shouldnt call Bond a hero – he is actually a bad guy with lots of ego!  It is difficult for a monk and a monster to co-exist in a single being, and so logically the monster part is pretending the monk part (Pretty insane comments, eh? ). That logic clarifies why Bond dumps women after the job is done, each and every time. The producers of James Bond movies (MGM) after all these years, probably thought through the above logic and wanted to justify the character (on why he’s like what he is!). This movie is all about how he gets trauma transformed into the 007 we are talking about!

Anyhow, i must confess that this is a reasonably good movie compared to what i have see earlier of Bond (which is most of ’em). The first half is good, especially the action scenes – and for the first time, James Bond looks like he’s capable of doing the stunts.

All I remember of James Bond, whenever i think of an action sequence is Pierce Brosnan adjusting his tie! But Daniel Craig, the lead here, looks really fit and suited for the role of the International spy, a real assassin! He comes across as a much hard hitting and darker hero than his unoriginal predecessors and does less of the womanising part. The second half is for “mush” loving girls, “complicated” women and some guys (dont know what category is that!). It resembles a huge soap  + Mills and Boons + Frederick Forsyth + Eric Segal all mixed into a single package – and is so boring and predictable that i started bothering unknown people around for some compassion and sympathy!

You see, i predicted that our heroine forged the account number much much before apna “ullu ka phatta” Bond guessed it! If you are reasonably sensible, you would also predict that at or before the time in the movie where i guessed it and should not worry too much about the importance of this twist in the movie which i already revealed to you 😉


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