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Posted by Girish Krishnan on November 18, 2006

Are you interested in recording your ancestry? Then check out –

Its a real cool site that helps you to build a tree of our family and connect it with other related trees. I was searching for something like this for sometime and had even kicked up an initiative within my family to gather as much information as possible about my forefathers. Just visualize, how amazing it would have been if we had a big book with recordings of the happenings and achievements of the family from the ages!

Well, its never late to do something you want to do, and “immediately” is probably the right time to do that!
The site has some limitations, and it’s expensive. can be used free — as long as you’re just using data that you provide, such as names, dates and geographic details. But the teasing leaves of information can be opened only if you pay. A U.S. Deluxe membership costs $30 a month or $150 a year. And a more expensive $40 a month or $347 a year World Deluxe membership lets you see family-history records from outside the U.S. as well. But thats okay, for a common user, it doesnt affect much as you just want to build the tree first.

Each person on a family tree has his or her own page with a life-events timeline and the records that you attach to the profile. This page also has room for an uploaded digital photo of the person.

So, go ahead and check it out, and you could be known as the originator of the big book of your family!


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