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Use a word as your phone number

Posted by Girish Krishnan on November 16, 2006

Well, i had to choose a new mobile number yesterday and I recommend the following procedure whenever you get a new connection for yourself. Its common practice in US to use some easily memorizable word in your phone number, but i am not sure if its done in India to that extent.

For starters, here’s what you need to do….
Think of some good 5 letter word and look at what number you get when you type them in your phone. “India” for eg: maps to 46342, so the number you would send to people could be 99001INDIA (where 99001 is the standard code for the local service provider).

The problem is that most of the numbers that you choose could have already been taken, and unless the sales guy coming to get you the connection has the good will to search for each and every number you ask him to check up, you have to go with whatever number he offers.

However, i was lucky in that respect, and had the privilege of churning new words/numbers for my new mobile conn yesterday. Infact, i had to do quite a lot of clerical work (for almost an hour!) before i got the number with the standard 5 digit beginnin and a cool word as the next 5 digits. During the process, i thought of all my names, nick names, my fav gods, relatives, friends (both guys and girls), old/present crushes, friends’ friends (in cases where theyre better lookin 🙂  ) , neighbours’ dogs and other cool words before i got something worthwhile. So, if any of you were suddenly thinking of me/or coughing hard yesterday, this is the reason! It was pretty tough work (as indicated by a couple of fully scrapped A4 sheets which i have stored as mementos!) but the end result was pretty cool!

Unfortunately, some goof happened at the airtel office and that number got lost!
Anyhow the airtel sales guy was patience personified and readily agreed to do the number checking all over for me again today. This time i was prepared too – i quickly put together a simple excel formula that would do the word to phone number conversion for me and was ready with a huge list of words (from the net!) for our man to try!

I got a good one today too, thanks to the excel formula and the airtel sales guy…So, some of my readers can await a spam and try to figure out what those last 5 digits stand for 😉

To use my formula, click and install additional excel functions from here and put this formula in a cell – =REGEX.SUBSTITUTE(REGEX.SUBSTITUTE(REGEX.SUBSTITUTE(REGEX.SUBSTITUTE(REGEX.SUBSTITUTE(REGEX.SUBSTITUTE(REGEX.SUBSTITUTE(REGEX.SUBSTITUTE(A1, “w|x|y|z”, “9”), “t|u|v”, “8”), “p|q|r|s”, “7”), “m|n|o”, “6”), “j|k|l”, “5”), “g|h|i”, “4”), “d|e|f”, “3”), “a|b|c”, “2”)


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  1. rocket spanish

    Spanish is important and it is fun too.

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