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A soul writes in pain…

Posted by Girish Krishnan on November 15, 2006

A soul writes in pain….someone committed a grave mistake..and its kind of unpardonable, ever! (some ethnic bashing comin up here, all written by the evil twin)

I was getting very favourable treatment from someone, and finally i discovered that it was because i was mistaken to be a Bengali..Yeah, i mean a Bong!!! that too me?’on, dont tell me so, plsss:-) Aren’t people supposed to find out that i am mallu on hearing the first word i utter? Its like that ol “Kahan se aayi tu” Lakme Lavender mist ad, I bring the malluness with me, whereever i go, whatever i do…BTW Mallu is kickin ass nowadays.. Lolakutty happens to be the latest fashion icon, Priety is off the list! Check out BoneyM (they call it Boney menon) “Daddy cool” in V-Channel- Lolakutty juss rocks!
Lolakutty: I yaam Maa Baker, Putt ur haaandds in theee aeir, andu give mey aaal theee maney”!!! wow, bringin sexy back!

Vajpayee is out, AK Antony is India’s new political role model! Know what the acid test for a mallu is? Ask them to say “Coconut Oil” and wait to hear some obscene stuff 😉

Another point is, since i am kind of a mix (actually neither here nor there types!) at least i could have been considered a Tam! (Short for Tamilian). I think Tams speak more through their nose and mostly from their heart, kind of sensitive, Proud to be Tam, kinds!  Saw this in some movie on how people from various states call their mom’s..Emotion filled, Tam “Ammaaaaaaaaa” wins big time!..Yeah, with all that stuff i described, may be i am far from being identified as a Tam too..but i am seriously confused, on how i got mistaken to be a Bengali!!

Well,then i figured out that it could be because of the looks..Bong’s have this habit of appearing to be very intellectual beings, with a pair of old fashioned specs and a pointed french beard. Dont know if people have observed this, but in many hindi movies, the bong heroes are always pictured as reasonably quiet, always reading some book or something and of course wearing a kurta. Not that i am anywhere near an intellectual, but I kinda walk around unshaven these days – basically bored of my own old looks, but perfectly unsuspecting of this huge sudden downfall in my own mallu self esteem.

Of course, there’s one similarity between mallus and bongs – since the literacy rate is pretty high in these states,people spend more time reading than working  😉 . I still remember the long breaks carpenters used to take when there was some work going in our house..they sure used to ask for newspaper that time!  Neway, the point is that i may look like a intelligent bong these days, but yeah go ahead and try the acid test on me if u r confused and dont give me time to react 🙂


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