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Madonna on the rocks!

Posted by Girish Krishnan on November 14, 2006

Was prowling around my antiquated guest house room yesterday and this painting caught my attention. “The Madonna Litta” by Leonardo Da Vinci. On googling, i figured out a few interesting things..
-> Madonna is a medieval Italian term for a noble or otherwise important woman. In Western Christian art tradition this word is used for the works depicting the Virgin Mary, the mother of Jesus.
-> Remember Madonna on the rocks? – The painting from which Langdon gets the key in the Da Vinci code? There were two versions of this painting..first one by Louvre painted around 1483, and the second one by Da Vinci done around 1495!
–> wiki says – In the popular novel The Da Vinci Code, written by the American novelist Dan Brown, it is claimed that the earlier Louvre version contained hidden symbolism which contradicted orthodox Christian belief, notably the fact that Jesus is shown praying to John rather than the other way round (the novel implies that the baby at the left must be Jesus rather than John, because he is with the Madonna). It is also claimed that the Virgin appears to be holding an invisible head and that Uriel appears to be “slicing the neck” with his finger. For this reason the painting was rejected by the Church, and a second, more orthodox, version was painted!


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