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Autoscroll for guitarists!

Posted by Girish Krishnan on November 2, 2006

Was checking out a song lyrics in the web when i came across a cool feature in a site. This one’s a superb example of how technology can help someone – in this case, guitarists.
Check out the link –

The page gives you the song and its guitar chords. The fun part is that you could set the Auto scroll feature on with the requisite pace so that the page scrolls down automatically! Its such a simple feature, but it so useful to any amateur who is looking at the page, trying to play the chords and parallely sing the song!

The above song is not too bad either, check it out if u r a indi pop aficionado. The singer (her name is Sona) has a good voice and a westernized accent which goes well with the spanish music in bolo na! Do i see an Indian rock star in the making? time will tell!


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