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Lightening Strikes…

Posted by Girish Krishnan on October 30, 2006

Some descriptions in this post could be rather heavy on the weak hearted, So feel free to skip..

I believe one’s behaviour or attitude towards life is governed by a series of lightening strikes (pulses of motivation), and is more discrete in nature than continuous. Some incidents can change the course of your thinking and put you on to a totally different track.

I call myself a happening guy, and that usually turns out true because of my own relentless quest for mini-adventures (no superman stunts though!) . Of late, more mini-adventures have started happening to me and one such event occured last friday. I was travelling from Hyd to Chennai to attend a close friend’s marriage when my bus met with an accident.A sudden screeching break and a muffled “thud” sound is all what i could hear. The bus switched off and quietly moved towards the nearby ditch; It halted after tilting a bit to the left. It was all dark and tense around as we had lost the power inside ,there were no lights in the forest area surrounding the road.

Luckily, things werent as bad as they seemed and we managed to climb out of the bus because it had still not fallen off the road. On coming out of the bus, i noticed that the whole front part of the bus was damaged and due to some reason people were all crowding in the front of the bus; nobody was going towards the right side for some strange reason.  The lorry that had collided with our bus was to be seen halted behind us, on the other lane of the road and the lights over its tank were still on.

I stepped into the opposite lane of the dimly lit road and took a step or two to the right of where our bus was lying.My eyes could detect a shape lying on the road, and it didnt take more than a split second for me to realize that it was probably lifeless. I kept going forward, driven by a slightest hope of hearing a heartbeat and of course, pushed by my own inner drive to remain curious in life! Looking back, that wasnt a great decision to make, because what i saw in front of me is haunting me to this moment. The body was dead for sure, the person appeared to be in his late thirties, very healthy, of a worker type build. I kneeled down close, with nobody but the body within at least 20 metres of me . There was a pool of blood near his head and his tongue was sticking out, indicating that he probably suffered a fatal head wound. Apparently a tyre or two had run over his body and his intestines were all spilled out, eliminating any possibility of life in him. I felt as if his face was looking at me or someone else for mercy…the expression of a desire to have deserved a less painful death. I slowly got up, trembling a bit and psyched out completely. I could feel the numbness; I could feel the presence of death…..

Sorry to for describing a bit of gore and what i felt at that moment, but the point is that these incidents leave a permanent mark in your life. Everyday we worry about all sorts of silly things in life – issues at work, utterly useless emotional tangles, ego clashes, love bites etc etc. Once you are exposed to an issue as serious as death, the weight shifts from all those to just staying alive and being healthy. There’s no point worrying about the trivialities of life as they are simply not worth elements of time that we dedicate to them. We do take advice from people, but we dont learn till we get hit hard, and the irony is that life hardly gives us a second chance. I hope the shock remains,and helps me out to emerge better.


2 Responses to “Lightening Strikes…”

  1. a said

    shit..!! i am trembling right now..!! i cant even begin to imagine what u mst hv felt..!!

  2. yeah dude – the hangover is still there..

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