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The magic train

Posted by Girish Krishnan on October 18, 2006

Do you know about the magic train?

The train is the single stop curing home for people in a whole district! It comes with medication, doctors and the support systems to surgically remove many illnesses and the best part is that you dont have to pay for anything!!
A  whole district eagerly awaits for the train to arrive there and it is a happenin occasion for everyone – There is frantic energy allover, even in the remotest of villages people know about the magic train that is going to stop for a month and where anyone can go and get treated for free!!!

I didnt know of the lifeline express till recently when one of my ol-n-best’pals (who, unlike me is a very dedicated chap working to improve our country’s conditions) told me about it. He works for the Indian government and the magic train is visiting the town where he is in charge.

So if you want to know more about the magic train dont forget to check out

You could also try clicking on to find what the magic train is going to do there!


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