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Diwali with Project 511

Posted by Girish Krishnan on October 13, 2006

In 2003, Hyderabad round table 8 and MV foundation came up with project 511 (there were that many government schools in this area in 2003, now it is around 800), in order to improve the quality of education by providing better infrastructure and helping the authorities with the running of these institutions. Corporate sponsorships are solicited and the money is spent in heads like additional tutor salary, stationary, notebooks, plates & glasses for midday meals etc etc. (Visit for more details).

I had the opportunity to accompany some good citizens from my company and spend some time with these little kids who have to be nurtured to drive our future. On my part, i did feel privileged to be part of a corporate which has been adopting two of these schools and constantly helping their progress.

We spent about 2.5 hrs at the school- distributed prizes for a painting competition held on the previous day, wished them all a happy Diwali and gave away loads of sweets we had stocked for them!! The kids had more fun when we called them one by one to burst all those crackers which were part of the surprise package and as expected some naughty ones had a better time scaring a couple of our own IT studs 😉 . Overrall it was a highly enjoyable experience and i believe that most of us get so engulfed in our work and lifestyle that it starts creating a glass barrier with the real world outside. I managed to break some glass yesterday – though the intention is not to let it build, i guess breaking is in itself a good sign 🙂 .

Some photos –




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