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Of wage descrepancies, and motivation…

Posted by Girish Krishnan on October 11, 2006

I am a strong believer that the basis for doing any job should be the motivation that it impacts society at some level – and the lower the level it impacts, the greater the satisfaction. In that sense, being in IT is good, because at the end of the day, it has inspired a sleeping giant to walk. Being a bit clumsy is okay considering what would have happened otherwise!

Here’s something i have been observing recently in Hyderabad – The city is definitely becoming richer and more expensive due to an IT revolution, but the rich-poor divide is just climbing up. Everyday outside my office, i find more sophisticated alm earners (forlack of a better name), and i often get looted though i consider myself a smart ass (u definitely dont behave like one when it comes to some aspects!).

The cost of living is shooting up due to increase in the spending capacity of the middle/upper middle class, and this definitely is having its effect of slowly evacuating the normal folks living in the city to other areas. Bangalore is a classic example of this phenomenon, the number of true kannadigas living in the city has comparatively reduced over the years due to the increase in the cost of living. Bangalore has 800 slums and over 2 million people living in abject poverty. Though some of the poor have benefited from an increase in demand for construction labor and domestic services, the wages they receive are insufficient to afford the rising cost of living in Bangalore. Wiki even says that bangalore rates higher than Mumbai in the Big Mac Index!

So –  the question is what to do about this and finally where would this lead to ? Hyderabad Hitech is a relatively young city and may be some measures could be taken to help out the salaried class people who earn less than 2Lakh a year. The state government can try giving some additional incentives for people with <2L salary, invest in the city schools so that poor people’s children enjoy relatively better facilities (remember, everything is always relative) and have better motivation to do well, make education cheaper, encourage self employment etc…

In the long run considering what our governments and private firms have been doing, I believe self selection is bound to happen and Darwinism would prove itself in Desi cities. The one and the only way that the success of our country can be made more equitable is if we concentrate on primary education, because thats one area we really really lack in.

However there is something we could do too ,yeah we-the people who have reaped globalization’s rewards – IT firms and their employees – We could make a concerted effort to use the rise in wealth to improve the living conditions of the poor
The country as a whole could benefit more from its young people becoming more involved in community development projects that assist the poor. They could lobby their government to raise minimum wage, invest in housing and health services, and help secure enough water and food for the poor. Companies could also initiate community development projects or offer employees opportunities to donate their service or a part of their income to charity.


2 Responses to “Of wage descrepancies, and motivation…”

  1. Bharani said

    “…u definitely dont behave like one when it comes to some aspects…” Hmm…:)

    BTW, dude…you mean 2L salary per annum right?

  2. hehe – thats such an innocuous statement, no intention of braggin here – u dont need to extrapolate it too much and make it seem different!
    yeah – i meant 2L per annum, corrected it, thanks!!

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