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Older yeah , wiser?

Posted by Girish Krishnan on September 28, 2006

I have decided to make a post after each birthday. Its amazing how life changes each year, and it is interesting to observe subtle differences in one’s own writing style and attitude if he/she keeps marking these milestones.

I believe i should take a moment off here before i complete this story, to acknowledge my friends whom i stay together with. My roomies are both media eccentric, one obsessed with pen (master blogger) and the other with pictures (photographer!). I have my privacy concerns living with these two, but i should confess that contrary to my expectations, things have gone really well till now 🙂 – We enjoy each other’s company and have succeeded in avoiding scandals because of mutual respect (Actually its equilibrium due to mutual fear since i am not bad in these stuff either – would strategically fall in between the two :-D)..

I got a very honest wish yesterday, one of my best pals called me up early in the morning and told me that “giksaa, u just got older!” – True, birthdays are sober events. I had slept off half an hour before a zillion websites around the world where i have registered my date of birth increased my age by one! But, this is where the loved ones help out – though i missed it, my pals,esp the one with a brand new digi SLR took snaps of me during my ageing process…

Photo at 11:55, book between two fingers, smiling face, me all covered up in an orange coloured,ethnic comfortor and of course, asleep
Photo at 12:01, book on the bed, smile all gone, body tilted to the sides, hand gone underneath the head as support!!

Well, here’s a chance to juxtapose symbolism into life’s changes, and i leave that to your imagination 🙂

And what makes a sober event like a birthday really worthwhile to endure are simple gestures like these – Those simple lines of text sent in through orkut scraps, sms, e-mails by your friends & well wishers really made my day!!!  So to everyone, who wished me, wanted to wish me but couldnt and would have wished me if you knew it was my birthday, thank you for your wishes and nice thoughts!!  And now, just because of ur gestures i am waiting for another occurence of a sober day like this in my life….

That also takes me back to a tech-thought – I am convinced once again by the power of the net as it fetched me the maximum number of wishes i’ve ever received on a birthday..the internet revolution – u can feel it….


6 Responses to “Older yeah , wiser?”

  1. Bharani said

    🙂 Nice post..

  2. Karthik said

    dei happy birthday da. off late i forgot totally abt orkut and hence i’ve started missing b’days.

  3. Thanks BB and KR for ur comments and wishes!

  4. Ramki said

    Where are you dude?

  5. Sandeep & Revathy said

    Am so sorry I didnt wish you……I didnt know only.
    Was catching up on your blog after ages and only just read this post. Will call you tomorrow.
    Hope you have a FANTASTIC YEAR ahead and May ALLLLLLLLLLLL Your wishes come true.
    God Bless

    Sandeep & Revathy

  6. cool – guys! Thnks for the belated wishes!

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