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Posted by Girish Krishnan on September 18, 2006

In our world the lion’s share of good day-life is consumed by mundane work primarily driven by man’s madness to conquer virtual worlds studded with praise and wealth. But then there are some days that are destined to be truly beautiful and reinvigorating for the simple human being who finds awe only in god and nature and not in his own creations…

This sunday I got a glimpse of the pretty world outside when myself and two of my good friends decided to try our luck with trekking on a nearby “gutta” (telugu for mountain). The place was christened as “Tiger Hill” by the local adventure club president, but the name was far from being its own as we discovered querying in vain to all the local folks in that area!

10 kms at snails pace down a very trafficky and narrow hyderabad road took us to the reasonably wide Hyderabad-Warrangal highway..Pleasantness overshadowed the threat of rain eventhough we were accompanied by an overcast sky and a mild drizzle throughout our journey. Fond memories of those weekend escapades into discovering another deserted city around Iowa came running to my mind once S’s new Baleno started moving in its 5th gear (“finally”…S had just let out a sigh of relief!!). Some broken hindi and my futile attempt to formulate a mutually understandable sign language with some original gults later, we had parked the car in front of a Durga Maatha temple adorning the green rustic landscape scarcely dotted with hamlets. The hillock just behind the temple reminded me of a Hugh Grant flick called “The Englishman who went up the hill” – I am sure a similar debate on whether it was a hill or mountain could have sprouted here also as it was very much on the borderline!

At that point, we were just wondering how to start the climb as there were quite a bit of vegetation shrouding the base of the hillock. We Indians believe that children are near to God than most elders – The belief was reinforced as we befriended 4 little kids playing with each other at the otherwise deserted temple premises – These four – UmaMahesh, Sai, Veerappa and Chotu, started leading the way to the top even without us asking them – some credit needs to go again to my sign langauge which works in a totally unexpected way under most of the circumstances!

The only time we recollected the name “Tiger hill” was when Mrs S got scared by an black striped orange colored creature lying on the rock and basking its way to glory!! On enquiry, the kids calmly replied to us that the animal was called “corr” – That was enough for alarm bells to ring high on Mrs S’s head and she started pursuading us to leave the place as fast as possible! It was just that she hadnt seen the goats grazing fearlessly about 10 feet from “Corr” and “Corr” turned out to be a 50 year old shepherd wearing an orange shawl!

The head of the hillock almost talked to the clouds and it was a divine feeling being there, at the top of world! “Tiger hill” was the only hillock for miles in that area and that made the experience all the more special. Sometimes you feel overwhelmed by the sheer size of nature and feel like a powerless minuscule object living under the mercy of some far powerful being…I have had this feeling on many occasions and its plain humility that i derive from it along with a stronger resolution to live in harmony with nature..

The descent was faster and we thanked the kids for their company and left them with some chocolates and biscuits.The Dhaba food on the way back was a zillion times better than the ultra expensive “Koyla” dinner we had on the previous day – and cost some 15 times lesser! The climate remained brilliant for the whole day, and I returned to my laptop playing Atif Aslam for the zillionth time – B is gonna kill me soon 🙂


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