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Remember – its a click of life….

Posted by Girish Krishnan on September 15, 2006

Some thoughts have to be captured right at the moment – the same reason why people carry a notepad while writing travelogues. Some rare pictures also capture the essence of the moment.

In hindsight, life is just a string of memories – u experience it, u store it or erase it….

Imprints that would be revisited late.. An idle mind can be unnecessarily judgemental of the normal traces left behind by imperfect behaviour

Given a chance to revisit memory, the perfectionist in all of us would try to tailor it to our liking as much as possible..

Some instances in life can change the hard wired behaviour in people – I had an opportunity to revisit college life after being employed for some years – and just like any other ordinary earthling, i strived hard to relive my past again – conscious of each and every moment spent in those vibrant corridors of knowledge!

I am not asking you to be a machine, but be imperfect – “human” and register each moment as well and as positive as you can..u will live a happy life!

Now the only reason why i am blabbering so late in the night is attributable to “Click” – which is a new whacky kid (?)-flick starring Adam Sandler and Kate Benkinsale – I am winding up for the day and hitting the sack – u dont waste time reading these stupid posts, go watch the movie!


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