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Heart missing from the Dead man’s chest..

Posted by Girish Krishnan on September 1, 2006

Pirates of the Caribbean 2 – There is a lot of heart passing in the movie (literally) but truly there is none inside it!

The plot is a bit too twisted and the special effects though overwhelming at times, are really boring. Jack Sparrow is good in bits, William Turner and Elizabeth are both as stone faced as they can be.All those sea monsters suck big time – they have no villainy and are only gooey and squeaky epidermis studded with sea shells.

The one thing i liked about the movie though is the camera work – The long shots work really well- once they inspire a mystique feeling when u travel with the camera from above the mountains zooming into the man eater dwellings beautifully setup in the rugged mountain top surrounded with dangerous african greenery and at another instant u find ur lonely sense triggered with Turner walking alone towards the Black Pearl after his brief swim to the shore. The enormity of the ship, and the minuteness of the walking figure set in contrast with the vast stretches of white beach and sea in the backdrop makes you feel as if you were lonely in a god-forbidden island for years..

Neither the actors nor the story help the cause of getting the audience involved in this super special effects demo and that is where this movie falls behind its own superior first part. With Geoffrey Rush back in the last scene some people are eagerly waiting for the last part; I am only interested to hear how the story ends,and not keen on another insipid viewing exercise….

And yeah – there were some interesting trailers in between the movie which provided some relief

We are all familiar with the nasal sensation that created havoc in Annu Mallik’s career. “Hi-Nose” Reshammiya, is back with Mr Kiss King through a movie called Dil Diya hai (?)..It appears to be a very shady movie esp with glimpses of Ashmit Patel and Mithunda putting forth efforts to loom large on the screen..A collage of Tomb raider, National Treasure, Sahara is getting released and is called Naksha – cant witness an ageing but still screaming deol share the screen with with the “dud”-est of all actors – Mr Ex-Ash-Roi.

The Don, however seems appealing with its Techno sounds & Cool looks – Hopefully SRK is back with a lot of his trademark buffoonery….


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