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Am i wasting time..

Posted by Girish Krishnan on August 31, 2006

by analyzing Web 2.0? Is it a trend worthy of analyzing?

Many a time, fundamental questions rock the boat when you think you are halfway ur journey..Let me pose some thought provoking q’s to myself and see if i get confused 🙂

~Web 2.0 is made of … 600 million unwanted opinions in realtime

~Web 2.0 is the air for the next bubble

~Web 2.0 is made of … marketing and collaborative self-deception

~Web 2.0 is made of …an infinite number of bloggers randomly generating Shakespeare. Professionals have no hope against infinity.

~Web 2.0 is made of…ground up marketing demons repackaged and rebranded to sell something that has existed on the internet since it begun. It’s just a buzz word to get management interested in spending money

My alter ego wants to have a go at it too..see below..

~ Web 2.0 enables democratic realization of self (keeps learning/changing) Gratification in a collectivistic society (netizens) but with fear of babudom (google anyone?)

The moral of the story is simple – though there are contrarian views on Web 2.0,  it provides a platform to think about the whats/whys of the increased internet activity of our times…and i believe that should be the bottom line!!


2 Responses to “Am i wasting time..”

  1. Coming from the Bschool, you should take Web 2.0 as another buzz word around which thousands of webpages, PPTs and docs are made.

  2. I like that! – Even this blog stands testimony to ur statement 🙂

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