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Autowallah Vs MBA-ite

Posted by Girish Krishnan on August 29, 2006

Its funny that i seem to be specializing in the autowallah psyche, though i really don’t want to be known for that :). I was returning from Chennai yesterday when i observed another aspect of this interesting community.

The Bus stopped at Lakdi-ka-phul (I always pronounce it as “ladki ka fool”, thanks to my own crippled hindi,& no offense meant to the fairer community) and as always, the passengers were mobbed by autowallahs. But in this case,there was no crowding of autos near the bus; it was just the drivers who were checking where the passenger had to go and then quoting a price.

As always there were disgruntled passengers who were shaking their head and walking off disgusted hearing the high quote from the auto drivers. I was shocked to see an auto driver, upon failing to impress the passenger with his quote, murmuring something to a fellow driver who started running behind the same passenger who was walking off from the crowd. Once i registered this, subtle movements/gestures within that crowd started making sense to me and I realized that it was just a revenue maximization routine that was physically taking place there!!

In MBA terms, these guys were iteratively finding the Batna of the passenger and working as a team to achieve their goal of increasing the overrall pie!! So, the next time when u give-in to a decent lower quote after being primed (frustrated) by a abnormally high rate, just remember that your emotion/consideration for that auto driver neednt be justified. He may just be part of the whole gang which is executing the LP so beautifully that you just dont realize that you are being ripped off!


3 Responses to “Autowallah Vs MBA-ite”

  1. P said

    Dude what were you doing in Chennai??

  2. MMM said

    I think you now have enough empirical data to formulate a unified theory on the seemingly rude and random behavior of auto rickshaw drivers….I can see the PhD topic now : ” A Monte Carlo Approach To Understanding Auto Rickshaw Drivers”….

  3. P – I had gone there to see the extinction process of one more of my endangered pal-bachelor species.

    MMM – yeah – I can create a simulation on their behaviour now – God! – why am i doing this to myself!! 🙂

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