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Watch “Cars” – Its really touching..

Posted by Girish Krishnan on August 19, 2006

If you are in doubt of which movie to watch this weekend,take my advice and watch Cars – Lightening McQueen wins handsdown over all those great hindi movie actors whose soap is staple for us.

If i were apprehensive of the cars being wooden when it comes to expressing emotions, that was all blown away in the first five minutes of the movie! Who said Cars can’t emote? In fact during the course of the movie, you really feel the maturing of our bragging hero as he goes through the whole range of emotions in Radiator springs to become that perfect car! The subtleness with which the movie puts across what we ignore in the mad rush for development is especially noteworthy.

Cars is visually stunning and it is technically the most advanced among all the pixar movies i have seen till now! In terms of content, there’s no point in comparing it with the other pixar movies – All of them are way more entertaining than their “human” acted contemporaries but are very few in number!

The big surprise for me was when a tear popped out of my eye towards the end of the movie, eventhough I asked it not to! But I was consoled to see tissues being quickly being worked upon the glittering streaks of tear by the sides of the nearby eyes! For me that is the acid test for the movie – and proof that it got me involved!


3 Responses to “Watch “Cars” – Its really touching..”

  1. click said

    dude, the tissues were meant for the nearby nose 😉
    but yes, awesome movie… worth watching again, and perhaps again… and then getting the dvd and watching several more times…

  2. Yeah – a cold and that came towards the end of the movie and went off immediately. But i was certainly not saying that u were sobbing 🙂

  3. […] Watch <b>Cars</b> – Its really touching.. […]

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