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“That Don’t Impress Me Much”

Posted by Girish Krishnan on August 17, 2006

I’ve known a few guys who thought they were pretty smart
But you’ve got being right down to an art
You think you’re a genius-you drive me up the wall
You’re a regular original, a know-it-all
Oh-oo-oh, you think you’re special
Oh-oo-oh, you think you’re something else

Okay, so you’re a rocket scientist
That don’t impress me much

~Shania Twain 

Weird quotes to start with – but thats okay 🙂 

The day was pretty frustrating for me. Uncertainities in work can be easily sorted out -thanks to all the intelligent and understanding people around me but what bugs me is the logistics to go to work and come back – especially on a rainy day!.

My fight with the auto-rickshaw wallahs in Hyd continues…

As i mentioned in one of my earlier posts, getting an auto to office(or back) on a rainy day is a real tough task because of the demand-supply mismatch. There are too less number of autos in hyd, to take care of the spike in the demand on rainy days.

Its a no-brainer to figure out that the auto guys who are aware of their higher (service) selling power are picking the passengers they like!

And i have to confess that i dont have the charms to attract the auto driver to pick me and hence quite often i end up getting soaked in the rain 😦

Move over to Part 2 of my story – While returning home from office today, i was again trying to catch an auto.

6:45PM :- Luckily there is no rain and i am my confident self, eagerly looking to reach home asap.But my eagerness nor my luck seem to help – Autos aren’t stopping by and the ones which stop arent interested to go in the direction of my house!

7:15PM :- I get frustrated after i fail to impress around 10 auto wallahs! I go back to an auto guy who “rejected” me. He is chilling out on the roadside, leaning on his auto and shaking his head indicating “not interested” to all the people who request his service. Something about these people fails to impress him – wonder what is that!

Like a truly inquisitive MBA, I ask the auto wallah(AW) some thought provoking questions and he replies in broken hindi. I am translating the conversation as my own hindi is pathetic!

GK: Do you think there is something wrong with me?  (sarcastically)
AW: nope

GK: What can i do for you to pls pick me and drop me at my house? (a grin?)
AW – gives out a meaningful smile!

GK: Whats wrong with my place? (com’on dude expression)
AW: I dont want to go there

GK: Why?
AW: Its not worth the distance, and i dont want to waste my time wading thru the traffic! U know what? i will juss end up burning unnecessary petrol in that traffic

GK: wha whaat? Thats more than 25 bucks for you dude and the traffic to my place is not that much.(in fact i live in a pretty cool locality!)
AW: (smiles) Did you say, u will give me extra 25 bucks to come there?

GK: (that was real arrogant!) Nope – (switching to an emotional track) Arent u auto guys supposed to take people home irrespective of what they are and where they want to go? Dont u have any sincerity towards your job? You owe ur job to us, Why do u think the government have given u the license?
AW: bye dude – and goes with a chick who wants to go to secunderabad!!

7:20PM :- I am a changed person and get a couple of prospective chefs(students of the culinary art college behind my office –  so they claimed to me) for company – These bright Bisibele bath makers of the future were also “rejected” by the dashing auto wallahs and we become “partners in misery”.
Like any other normal Indian suppressed by the system, we decide to take the “smart way” in order to adapt to the rules of the AW regime.

We started stoppin autos and tried all the stuff below to find out the “point of inflexion” of the autowallah consent curve! I also try to have different expressions on my face – just in case that helps…

  • “Would you go to jubilee hills” (I try bluffing , I have an ulterior motive to ask him to turn 7 kms before jubilee hills towards my house once i have gotten into the auto! Smart idea but doesnt work  😦
  • “U wont go to jubilee hills?” (I try talking with more confidence and point my hand towards the sky, and wear a stress on my face as if the place is “very far”/”great deal for the auto wallah”) No? (suprised expression on my face)
  • “How about Hitech city? No?” (“com’on u shud be jokin” kind-o-expression!)
  • “Sire, could you pls tell me where you are going?” (moking expression) “I shall come along!”
  • “You run on a defined route? Are u the “bus” here? Secunderabad to Hyderabad non stop 3 wheel express!” (“U ass!”- expression)
  • “Gachibowli Pls- I urgently want to go to ISB” (“I am serious and have urgent business” kind-o-expression!) (Its more than 17 kms – but this guy is not interested!!)
  • “hey – u can either drop me in Jubilee hills, or Hitech city or Gachibowli? Pls, Pls take me with u…” (” U sucker – i know u wont come even if i give you options” style expression)
  • “Aoutooooooe – dont leave meeee” (dharmendra style)

7:35PM: Three losers stay put on the roadside, and finally an auto guy falls for our “Banjara Hills” pitch and bargains for an extra 10 bucks on top of the meter charges!

My chef friends drop me near my home and then take the auto in a different direction – I am sure that they’d have had to put up with his long list of cribs and bargain towards the end of their journey – sigh…


2 Responses to ““That Don’t Impress Me Much””

  1. Karthik said

    trust ur splendor dude. worth it even if u’re drenched!

  2. yeah – my ol’little splendour! Its just that i have to drive it through the center of the road a bit too much because of the other state registration 🙂

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