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Independance Day wishes..

Posted by Girish Krishnan on August 15, 2006

~ “Patriotism is not a noun but a verb”

Here are three things i wish on this independance day – These are simple things which could make a big difference to all our lives..

First of all, I wish that at least this year our PM starts taking a stance on issues ..To all his IAS secretaries – please help him to realize what he feels about each issue. He needs to take a side, whether it is right or wrong doesnt really matter to start with- I juss want him to stop being tentative all the time..

I also wish that Ministers, MPs, MLAs, other important decision makers of the country start blogging and consider it as an important medium of interacting with the community they strive to serve! Imagine your local MLA taking ur comments seriously and acting to solve a particular problem! Its just an amazing thought to consider that this could happen in India at some point of time..and i hope it happens within the next one year!

The third wish is for a complaint tracker – a simple web application that helps me to log defects and atleast get a closure (i am not talking about SLAs, at this point in time!) from the government authorities..Ability for escalation would be a cool feature to have in it!

It should read like this –

Complaint Logged by GK (Voter ID-XYZ) Autos picking up passengers outside the Hyderbad airport have no meters and all of them charge at least 50 Rs more than what should have been charged with the meter on..why this discrimination?

Issue Resolution – Mr.Government rep (ID #12343) Action taken, Only metered autos will be allowed in front of the airport and there will be a policeman at the auto stand to ensure this. The meters for these autos will be inspected monthly by an agent appointed by the airport auuthorities.Please report any aberrations to my Id with the auto registration number.

Closure comments by GK thanks for ur timely response, Its all proper now- nice job!

That seems to be a long stretch – eh? Sometimes u feel nice to be in a utopian world and share the vision 🙂

I have read about revolutions that overhauled empires, and i believe that we are standing right at the onset of another one that could redefine the way our country is ruled..This ones’ about the free market theory applied on a virtual world, and at the same time allowing the sharing of the learnings with people of the real world!

Yeah – And I believe it could happen through the internet… Lets take a pledge on this great day in the history of our nation, that we will continue to nurture the internet as a powerful medium, and make sure that it is kept empowered and unadultrated always!


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