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It rained that night…

Posted by Girish Krishnan on August 8, 2006

It rained that night
It poured after that

I was looking for respite if any
but it kept on thru the next one

And finally the one that shook me,
wasnt them, but was this one!

~ a poor electric post 

Three days of continuous rain has left a mark on the city of the Nizam!

The smooth roads have suddenly got covered with crumbling debris and the whole of Hyderbad looks as if the mine field underneath burst. One can only wonder if it got triggered by the usual whirlwind generated by the constant circling of the CM’s scorpio battalion!

For people not familiar with this city, the number of cables (electricity/cable/telephone/internet/pole support and what not) on the road sides are good enough to serve as a roof/shelter for gypsies! And the environment minister touts that as his reason for not planting trees in the city since the wire bunch compensates for the shade anyway :-). Well, he needs to rethink on that statement, as most of the wires are down – and yeah there is good amount of electricity stealing also taking place because it is freely available everywhere!

“After every fall there is a rise” – Philosophical as it might sound, its simple truth in most Indian cities! After a rain in Hyd, whenever you see a sloping part of the road, remember that there is a heap of metal/sand/dirt mixture thats lying ahead of your path and in the middle of the road where it starts moving up! – Many thanks to the wonderful drainage system we have out here!

Post 2006 Summer rains, dogs have become more active in our area and their number has also gone up. I am not sure if i can attribute their newly found vigor to the rain or because of the increase in the number of bitches (as in feminine dogs) around:-). Some one can definitely come up with a “Freakenomics” type of explanation for this.

The huge Supply – Demand gap in the number of autos serving the city folks is extra obvious on rainy days. There is hardly any auto available to a rain-stuck pedestrian and the auto drivers are happily exploiting the rainy season demand spike. Some of these auto drivers have become extremely greedy and i told a couple of ones falling into this category that i will not pay them even a paisa more than what is displayed in the meter (should have indicated it thru an action – ne ways…).

Needless to say, I had to walk back home all the way from office soaking in the rain on both thursday and friday! As for the good takeaways from these incidents, other than feeling better psychologically, i could convince myself against going to the gym 😉


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