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The Key to being a successful B-schooler!

Posted by Girish Krishnan on August 6, 2006

Had a good time today – went back to my B-school, issued a couple of new books from the library, had a good game of basket ball, nice chit chat with some friends and dinner with an old pal of mine (whom I envy a lot for being able to stick around at the school for a longer period than I could manage :-)). Once again, saw the usual B-school market segmentation consisting of the sloggers, chilled out folks, enlightened ones etc.

 We might find a strong correlation here (though not a causation) with this segmented behavior of B-schoolers and the amount of introspection/thought they have put into their own careers, The key to succeeding (whatever that means in a relative sense) in B-school is “focus”. It might sound harsh but in simple terms if you don’t have “focus”, you are out of the creamy layer! My advice to all MBA aspirants/students is to take time, decide on what they want to do in life and have clarity of how to achieve it – That part is the toughest, and once it falls in place, the going gets much easier!

 For me the best thing about being in Hyderabad is the presence of my alma mater. It feels awesome to return to this vibrant temple of knowledge and get nostalgic walking along the familiar corridors. More importantly, I get to use the resources of the world class library which I had ignored when I was actually studying here. Not that I undermined the resources available, but it’s slowly dawning to me that an ISBian ought to have this one higher in priority among the zillion things he/she does during the intense program at ISB.


4 Responses to “The Key to being a successful B-schooler!”

  1. Pratik said

    Dude, I will soon be on the other side of school too 😦
    Gotta make the most of it while I am here!

  2. yeah – i know! I am waiting for that to happen 😉
    Juss kiddin – u being there is a great incentive for me to visit ISB! Hang on till u can 🙂

  3. a said

    i so envy u dude….so so envy u…!!!

  4. ok – so this is becoming an envy queue now 🙂 Lets search for someone who envy ~a (That number shud be huge!), and build the queue further!

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