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Weird observations of Hyderbad..

Posted by Girish Krishnan on August 3, 2006

The “Please don’t sit here” board applies to only the place where the board is located and not the areas surrounding it. For proof – visit Birla mandir!

Auto rickshaws seldom put/have indicators

Auto rickshaws are random (variability has far better connotations!) speed vehicles – The two predictive variables are “Having a passenger (binary variable)” and “Prospective passenger”. The speed is abnormally high if there is someone in the passenger seat and if the auto driver is searching for a prospective passenger, then we have a absolutely unpredictable moving object which fails to take into account the traffic/people surrounding it.
If you travel in an auto and have reached the destination try/observe this..
The auto keeps moving even if you ask the driver to stop.
I tried saying “Stop stop Stop Stoppppppp”, the same thing happened
I tried saying STOPPPPPPPPPP, the same thing happened.
But I also observed that it always stops suddenly after moving a couple of meters.
Any guesses why?
– The reason is pretty simple and it is not because the driver takes a lead time to register our request. The driver hears the “tick” sound from the meter when it increases the charge by 20 paisa – It’s just that he keeps driving till he hears the tick sound even after you yell at him to stop! He applies a sudden brake immediately after he’s made sure that the charge has gone up.

Cops are afraid to stop two wheelers in the city (traffic areas) even if the rider has no helmet and drives a bike registered in some other state. Reason – They are all psyched up due to the recent constable incident (where he swung his lathi (baton) on the bikers who didnt heed his order to stop, and ended up losing balance and falling down) which led to the death of two people riding a bike!.

While turning around a circle some vehicles may want to go tangential at 180 degree and some at 360 degree. You always end up in confusion because the indicator is either on full time or never on. Nobody bothers to switch off the indicator even after they are almost sure of going ahead at the 180 degree point.


2 Responses to “Weird observations of Hyderbad..”

  1. MMM said

    Dude, so true about the autorickshaws. Plausible explanation too.

  2. And for me that makes it the most feared vehicle on the road while driving 🙂

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